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Tutorial 67
Removing overflow from the Holding Tank
In the dialog, set the Constant value to 50 and enter Res depth as the block’s label.
Constant block dialog
Close the dialog.
Determining if there is too much water
Add elements to the model to determine at each step if the capacity is exceeded or not.
Add a Decision block (Value library) below the Constant block and to its right.
In the Decision block’s dialog, choose A > B (the default setting) from the popup menu. Label the block If too high...
Decision block dialog
Close the dialog.
Add a named connection (Contents, the same as the connection from the output of the Holding Tank block) to the Decision block’s A input.
Connect from the Constant block’s output to the B input of the Deci- sion block.
When the model runs, the Constant will set the B value to 50.
During the simulation run, the Decision block will evaluate whether or not the value of the Contents (A) is greater than the value of the maxi-
Adding a Decision block
Decision connected

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