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Tutorial 69
Removing overflow from the Holding Tank
Connect from the output of the Math block labeled “Sub- tract excess” to the top input of the Math block labeled “Then overflow”.
Connect the Decision block’s Y connector to the bottom input of the Math block labeled “Then overflow”.
This multiples the amount of excess water, if any, by the Decision block’s Y output (1 or 0) to determine the amount of water that should be removed from the Holding Tank at each step.
Multiply block connected
☞ You do not need to connect the Decision block’s N connector to anything since, if the reser- voir’s contents is less than capacity, nothing further needs to be done.
Removing the overflow
When the contents of the Reservoir/Holding Tank are greater than its capacity, water needs to be removed.
Connect the output of the Multiply block to the w (want) input connector on the bottom left of the Holding Tank.
Requesting overflow amount
☞ The Holding Tank’s want input connector is used to request an amount to be removed. If the tank has that amount, it will be reported at its get output connector. If the tank does not have that amount, and “Tank contents can be negative” is not checked. only the amount available will be at the get connector. Since this model is only concerned with overflow, the amount requested and the amount available will be the same.
Create a named connection called Overflow from the get output of the Holding Tank block to the fourth input on the Plotter.
Overflow connection

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