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Simplifying the model
Run the simulation.
Add an Equation block (Value library). Add a Contents named connection to the
Equation block input.
Connect the Equation block output to the want connector of the Holding Tank block.
Simulation results
Scroll through the Plotter’s table of data to see the point where the reservoir is beginning to reach its capacity. Column 4 (Overflow) shows the amount of water that overflows. Because the inflows continue even while the excess is being removed, and because there is a calculation delay, it is unlikely that the reservoir will be at exactly 50.
☞ The equivalent model is Reservoir 2, located in the folder \Tutorials\Continuous.
Simplifying the model
Although the model works perfectly well, the blocks that make up the calculation of the over- flow can be a bit confusing to follow. You can easily replace the functionality of those four blocks with a single Equation block that explicitly defines the mathematical expression.
Adding an Equation block
Delete the Math blocks labelled “Subtract Excess” and “Then Overflow”, as well as the Constant and Decision blocks from the Overflow model.
Model with Equation block

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