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Run the simulation again.
☞ Because this model is small and only includes one feedback loop, there is only a slight different in the results between this run and the previous one with the larger dt value. How- ever, in a larger model where there are many instances of feedback, the second run would produce much more accu- rate results.
☞ The equivalent model is Reservoir 3, located in the folder \Tutorials\Continuous.
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The next chapter describes typical areas where continuous modeling is applied; the final chapter in this module dis- cusses concepts specific to continuous modeling and pro- vides additional tips to help you build and run continuous models.
Lookup Table dialog
Tutorial 73
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You should also explore the How To module, beginning on
page 563. Those chapters illustrate many more of the fea-
tures and capabilities you might use when creating models, such as sensitivity analysis, con- trols, and optimization.

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