Initiate a Support Ticket

The ExtendSim Maintenance & Support Plan (MSP) includes download, installation, and setup support for all current ExtendSim products as well as basic usage, guidance, and troubleshooting for most of them*. To make sure you're successful, Imagine That Inc. provides users with free MSP for the first year after product purchase. Annual renewal of MSP is required after the first year *. If your MSP has expired or your package does not include annual MSP (for example, you're using the Student version), you may purchase assistance on a Per-Incident basis.

To initiate a Support Ticket, complete the form below and your question will be routed to a Simulation Engineer.

Note: Before completing this form, please check to be sure you are using the latest build. If you are not on the latest build, please download and install the latest update before contacting support as your problem may have already been resolved.

* excluding the Analysis RunTime, Player, and Student products

Initiate an ExtendSim Support Ticket