CELLECO.lix for PC ver 6.0

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CELLECO.lix for PC ver 6.0

Post by bengt » Wed Oct 27, 2010 1:01 pm

Changes since last time:
The Upgrade buttons updated for this new forum location.
Some minor tweaks in the cleaner blocks.

Older upgrades:
Cleaner + Pump updated for FlowMac's time unit for a grade, typically 1 year.
Cleaner w/o pump blocks upgraded for better functionality.

-FRU block had an usererror message during InitSim

- The Fibermizer block has a script to automatically replace it with the improved Fiber Recovery Units block. This replace function is automatic - when opening the dialog of the Fibermizer block. Please check the connection lines as they might not be ideally drawn!

- Update values located in the tab:
Pump data and Tracers tab
in block:
Celleco LC Cleaner + Pump

- Blocks updated to handle FlowMac's automatic dimension change in the Licence block under Intisim.

- Disc filter now as a signal function for on/off operation during a simulation, and later can be upgraded for rpm control.
- All obsolete blocks have been pulled out of Celleco.lix and moved to a new library: CELLECO-CANCEL.lix that can be found here as well.
-Tracer to follow Filler did not work in the Disc Filter block. Fixed 5/28/08
-Stand-pipe block added to be used with Celleco cleaners for example.
- Upgraded information regarding what do to in the Disc Filter when opening up an existing model containing the Disc Filter for the first time in ver 6.
- Fixed a display value error in the cleaners- did not interfere with any simulations, only a display value for Combi cleaners.
- LC Cleaner now shows the flow per cleaner when simulating with a Current Installation.
- New higher capacity for the RT-HP cleaners. If you have simulated with this cleaner already, re-select the model in the pop-up menu to get the new higher capacity per cleaner.
- DeltaTime bugs worked out and a tracer error in the disc filter.
- All blocks are are now Fractions and KraftMac ready.
- Only 2 cleaner blocks: with and without pump. The block will simulate all types of cleaners: Forward, Reverse, Parallel Flow and Combi cleaners

This Celleco.lix will only work together with the FlowMac application and Extend version 6 and 7.

:-) bengt.eriksson@glv.com
Need a zip program of some sort to extract the file: www.winzip.com or for a free version: www.jzip.com for example.
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