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Kromite Blocks

Post by davek » Tue Jul 31, 2018 10:59 am

At Kromite we do quite a bit of simulation modeling with a variety of tools. One of which is ExtendSim. Over the course of our modeling projects, we have developed a number of blocks that improve the interface, performance, and usability of ExtendSim. You can download the Kromite Blocks library here. There are other blocks and tools that we have developed that are specific to certain projects. While we are not able to share those directly, please contact us to learn about the powerful tools that we have developed.

The contents of the library include:
- Bar chart: displays a bar chart on the model worksheet. This can be stacked, percent or clustered
- Checkbox: provides a “clonable” checkbox for the model worksheet or notebook
- DB Clone: provides a “clonable” database table for the model worksheet or notebook. Can be used as input, output or both
- Fields from records: Automatically creates a table based on the values in another table. It’s a quick easy way to create large tables.
- Find DB reference: Helps to find all of the equation blocks in a model that reference a particular database table, field, and record
- Write DB: Faster, smaller block for writing to database tables. It does not do everything that the Write block from the Value library does, but its 1/3 the size and 3x faster.

Please contact me ( if you would like the library.

Dave Krahl

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