Upgrade to ExtendSim 9

Upgrade to ExtendSim 9

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Upgrade from ExtendSim 8 to ExtendSim 9 >> CP 9 AT 9 Suite 9
  $995 list $2495 list $4995 list

ExtendSim CP 8 $399 W161-ECP $1799 W161-EAT $4299 W161-ESX
ExtendSim OR 8     $1299 W162-EAT $3799 W162-ESX
ExtendSim AT 8     $899 W163-EAT $3299 W163-ESX
ExtendSim Suite 8         $1699 W164-ESX

If upgrading from ExtendSim 7,
$200 $200 $200

Add a Maintenance & Support Plan to your upgrade*  $199 W430-ECP $499 W432-EAT $899 W433-ESX

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Important Upgrade Information

Upgrading from ExtendSim 8 or 7

Release 9 builds on the features of releases 8 and 7. Thus, there should be no major issues when upgrading.

Upgrading from Extend 6 or earlier

If you are upgrading from Extend 6 (or earlier) to ExtendSim, there are major and extensive changes between Extend 6 and ExtendSim 7. These changes have been carried forward and will affect how you use ExtendSim 9.

Legacy libraries and files*

Item library replaces BPR, Discrete Event, and Mfg (Manufacturing) libraries.

Value library replaces Generic library.

Rate library replaces Flow library.

Animation 2D-3D library replaces Animation library.

Built-in features in ExtendSim, as well as in the Item and Value libraries, replace Items (DB) and SDI Tools libraries.

See the “v6 to v7 Equivalents” file located at ExtendSim7\Documentation for a list of each legacy block and the corresponding new block or feature.

All the legacy libraries are in the folder \Libraries\Legacy.

The legacy libraries allow you to run models built in previous versions. But the legacy libraries are no longer being supported and will not be available in future versions of ExtendSim. Use of legacy libraries should be avoided, especially when creating new models.

ExtendSim Databases replace the Industry database that was included in Extend Suite and Extend Industry.

The Industry database is furnished with ExtendSim so that you can run old models. However the Industry DB is no longer supported and will not be available in future versions of ExtendSim. Use of the Industry DB should be avoided, especially when creating new models.

So that you don’t lose any stored data, an ExtendSim Database can import an exported Industry database file.

ExtendSim Suite includes 3D animation.

If you previously used Extend Suite 6, Proof Animation is included in your ExtendSim Suite upgrade.

Proof Animation will NOT be automatically included in new (non-upgrade) purchases of ExtendSim Suite. Instead, it can be purchased separately.

ExtendSim 7 can read Extend 6 and 5 libraries (including the legacy* libraries), as well as the models you built in 6 or 5. However:

Because of extensive architectural changes, there is no automatic method to cause older models to substitute blocks in the new libraries for those in the legacy libraries, or to substitute an ExtendSim database for the Industry database.

Models and libraries that have been saved in ExtendSim 7 cannot be read by older versions.

When building models, you can combine blocks from the new ExtendSim libraries (Item, Rate, and Value) with blocks from the legacy libraries. However:

You cannot connect blocks from the (new) Rate library to (legacy) Flow library blocks.

It is preferred that you build models using just the new ExtendSim libraries - avoid using the legacy libraries when creating new models.

The User Guide and Developer Reference have been rewritten.

*The "legacy" libraries are: Animation, BPR, Discrete Event, Flow, Generic, Items (DB), Manufacturing, QuickBlocks, and SDI Tools.