ExtendSim 9 Updaters

ExtendSim 9

Find which version of ExtendSim you are currently using from within the ExtendSim application. Open About ExtendSim under the Help menu. The version number will be along the bottom of the start-up screen.


ExtendSim 9.2.0 - Current Release

ExtendSim 9.2.0 was released February 13, 2015. This free update for registered users of ExtendSim 9 and 9.1 not only optimizes the stability and quality of ExtendSim, but adds a number of new features.

goExtendSim 9.2 Updater (for single user and network license users)

goExtendSim Student 9.2 Updater


Updaters for earlier versions of ExtendSim


If you are using an earlier release of ExtendSim, be sure you are using the most current version of that release. If you need a patch file to update to the most current version as specified below, please contact Imagine That Inc.

  Most current release Date of release
ExtendSim 8 8.0.2 August 18, 2011
ExtendSim 7 7.0.6 November 2, 2009
Extend 6 6.0.8 March 1, 2007