Quality & Stability Enhancements in ExtendSim 10

We made a few tweaks in ExtendSim 10 that are important to maintain its quality and stability. Check here for the details.


From ExtendSim 10.0.3 to 10.0.4

Released on March 19, 2019

Blocks: New and Improved Features

Executive (Item library)

bulletgoldThe error message gives more information when lpsolve.dll cannot be loaded.

bulletgoldInitializes sysGlobalInt75=0 in ModifyRunParameter for Reliability library.

Reliability library

bulletgoldBlocks now use a static unchangeable number as the database identifier.

Advanced Resource Management (ARM)

bulletgoldUsers can execute, during a simulation run, any of the functions that can be manually performed in the Resource Manager block's Resources tab (see the Change Resources table).

Block Fixes

Item library

bulletgoldThrow Item block • Was not allowing a new item attribute to be selected.

bulletgoldFixed ARM problem with the execution of resource requirements having "OR" conditions.

bulletgoldFixed how the Resource Manager's Policies tab displays when changing allocation policy.

Chart library

bulletgoldChanged the default filtering for each trace to "last point" rather than "no duplicate", since that is a more common setting.

Rate module

bulletgoldFixed a problem where Merge and Diverge blocks could wrongly interpret the propagation of a change in Flow attribute values.

bulletgoldStops simulation with an error message if model is in a recursive loop (any Rate block calculating more than 150 times at the same clock time).

bulletgoldMerge block • Now properly propagates downstream when upstream attribute value changes.

New and Improved Application Changes

Developed using a newer version of the UI environment (Qt 5.11.3) that has security updates.

3 new functions added: OpenNotebooks2, DBTabGetTableIndexList, DBGetSize.

Opening multiple include files now cascade file locations.

Error message windows default to OK instead of Go To Debugger.

Worksheet windows in Hblocks placed from libraries have better default sizes.

Activation Dialog retains user information between activations.

Increased the maximum scripting line numbers to 99,999.

Added a new substitutionListUser.text which will not get replaced by updates (use this if you have moved a block from one library to another or have renamed the library).

Edit > Options > Misc tab has a new option: Black value connectors to convert Value connectors to solid black.

Added arguments for the EDDateToString function to better accommodate European formats.

Changed Help > Update Activation Key command to Help > Reactivate License.

Dynamic text dialog items can now be resized in the block structure.

Added finalCalc2 message; sent right after finalCalc.

Application Fixes

Resolved some important memory leaks that should improve performance and prevent out of memory problems.

Block numbers could change during model read in unusual circumstances.

Auto opening structure of uncompiled block wasn't showing dialog tab correctly.

Resolved some issues with empirical distributions in database cells.

Clicking on the database list would sometimes open more than one database.

A database link to a table with a string lookup column tag could fail to draw properly.

Should be impossible to 'drop' an item off the edge of the worksheet.

Block help would sometimes return the text for the wrong block.

I beam cursor should appear in approximately correct position when an equation reports an error.

Dropping a document on some ExtendSim document windows from the explorer would not always open the document.

Cursor Position window was not always visible in Chart windows.

Switching icon views should hide connectors that are hidden in the structure.

Clone selection works better when using Make Selection Hierarchical command.

Selecting a connector in the icon pane of an Hblock structure could sometimes cause a crash.

Fixed possible crash when debugging equations.

Fixed a crash when a model with an open Random Number block was showing the plot.

A ripped-off dialog tab was not accepting cursor actions.

Stopping simulations should happen quicker.

Calling Abort in a PasteBlock message handler will abort the entire paste, not just the block calling Abort.

Cancel button is disabled during a simulation run.

Fixed the Cancel button in block dialogs so it doesn't keep increasing block memory size.

Editing with no changes no longer sends dialog item message to blocks for parameters and edit text.

Hovering over an invisible connector could send the block a ConnectorToolTip message.

Debugger stack could sometimes show the wrong code.

Debugger window position adjusts if outside application frame.

Structural animation object changes should update to existing blocks better.

Animation during endSim and finalCalc should show even with animation turned off.

A new model will now remember its initial size when you switch to a notebook and back.

Dynamic Text dialog:

bulletgoldDisabled Dynamic Text dialog items support copy of all text.

bulletgoldProperties dialog contains correct items.

bulletgoldAdded ability to resize dialog items in the block structure.

Obsolete date functions now show block number of calling block in error message.

Continue button in Find Dynamic links dialog shows correct text.

Clicking the Enter key when editing a parameter or editable text was stopping the editing, closing the dialog, and sending two messages to the block. Now it should just stop the editing and send one message.

Moving and selecting the Signal Key in Chart should be easier.

Fixed EquationCompileDynamic producing a spurious error message in some cases.

StringFindDynamicStartPoint could crash in some cases.

EDStringToDate function has been optimized.

OpenAndSelectDialogItem now selects the specified dialog item better.

CurrentSim should have the correct value when a simulation is aborted.

Dragging a dialog item over a block icon could fail if the worksheet was scrolled.

For consistency with ExtendSim 9:

bulletgoldSendMsgToBlock just returns rather than reporting an error on bad block numbers.

bulletgoldBlock sendSimulationMsg flag initialized to true.

bulletgoldFinalCalc/AbortSim messages are now sent correctly when a simulation ends normally or is stopped.

bulletgoldAnimation Level object should show maxed out when set to higher than.

bulletgoldFindInHierarchy should no longer fail to find certain blocks.



From ExtendSim 10.0.2 to 10.0.3

Released on February 11, 2019

Blocks: New and Improved Features

Chart library

bulletgoldBar Chart • You can now define an angle for the Axis values that is saved in the block code.

Report library

bulletgoldCost Stats • Added the option “only blocks at this level of hierarchy and below”.

Rate module

bulletgoldSet(R) • Added check box so you can set to Blank all non-used Flow attributes.

Reliability module

bulletgoldAllows multiple RBD databases in one model, so tables can be split between the databases.

bulletgoldAllows copy/pasting of an RBD, automatically copying over all necessary DB information.

bulletgoldRBD’s can now be saved into hierarchical blocks and stored in libraries, carrying forward all DB info.

bulletgoldYou can now collapse and expand an RBD.

Block Fixes

Item library

bulletgoldHistory • Creating a DB table of the History resulted in an extra empty record at the end of the table that caused problems with the Statistics block.

bulletgoldThrow Item • To save memory it now disposes attribPopContents dynamic array when it can be disposed.

bulletgoldConvey Item • Checks that Distance Ratio is not set by 3D, as this option is not available.

bulletgoldActivity • Corrected spelling in UserError message about Preemption checkboxes in OK message handler.

Value library

bulletgoldLookup table • Block did not work if set to Time and table was not DB linked but used Calendar date.

bulletgoldLookup table • Fixed compatibility issue between ExtendSim 9 and ExtendSim 10 so that for continuous models setting “time and discrete” behaves the same as “time and stepped”, since discrete is meaningless in continuous models.

Chart library

bulletgoldBar Chart • Some dialogs would not be updated correctly if change setting during the simulation.

bulletgoldBar Chart • Fixed a problem when 3-connector option is selected and action on how to deal with wrong received values on connectors were not identical (Bar Value and Series or Category values).

bulletgoldCustom plotter trace colors should now convert from ExtendSim 9 correctly.

Report library

bulletgoldCost Stats • To speed up execution use the ObjectIDNext function instead of looping through all Object ID.

bulletgoldCost Stats • Fixed that, in the case where options Append New updates and Update every xxx are checked, the accumulation of cost would be duplicated.

bulletgoldReports Manager • Prevent more than one Reports Manager block from being placed in a model.

Rate module

bulletgoldSet(R) • Allow the block to have no Attribute defined in the dialog table.

New and Improved Application Changes

Zooming support using Ctrl + mouse wheel.

More Undo capability for ExtendSim database operations.

New size parameters for ExtendSim database tables and fields, in their Properties dialogs.

New Properties dialog for cloned dialog items.

Editing in a Properties dialog now selects the object being edited.

The Enter Selection command used in Properties dialogs now works with Find command.

Additional control over Bar Chart labels (color, angle, etc.).

Revert Model warning now defaults to OK.

Pausing a model should respond quicker when animation is turned on.

Improved depiction of non-expandable variable connectors in Structure window’s Icon View.

Database list window / library windows interaction improvements.

Improved Shift-click functionality when selecting multiple objects.

Dangling connection lines should work better (extending and connecting).

Go To Definition on right-click in Script window should be working better.

Single block models no longer close when second model opens.

After run ends, Status Bar displays Simulation Setup's End time and Runs.

You can stop the conversion process if you double-clicked a previous release's model file.

Application Fixes

Control blocks (Slider, Switch, Meter) working better.

Fixed cloning and dialog issues with the Switch dialog item.

Block Help window now closes when the application quits.

ListLastElementIndex function could return the wrong value.

Random seed values in Simulation Setup dialog were sometimes incorrectly treated like real numbers.

Improved Date/Time values in the Simulation Setup dialog for non-English languages.

DELETEBLOCK messages could be sent twice when deleting hierarchical blocks.

COPYBLOCK message was not implemented.

OLDFILEUPDATE message sent more correctly and consistently.

Very large models deal better with Window’s resource limits.

Database copy and paste should maintain indexes better.

DB_RENAMED and TABLE_RENAMED LinkStructure messages now only sent if the name actually changes.

Database checkbox fields could return a value of 2 for True.

Objects being blocked from moving off the edge of the worksheet should work better when scaled.

Dialog Item names in the Structure window were incorrectly reporting a “too long” error when the name was edited.

IPCOpenFile function could have path issues.

SetVisibilityMonitoring wasn’t working correctly.

BLOCKSELECT and BLOCKUNSELECT not sent during Make Selection Hierarchical.

LinkStructure message handler wasn’t always getting the dialog item name of the dialog item that was changed.

Fixed title of X axis on Chart blocks when they show Date/Time settings.

VMWare and Parallels on the Mac had issues when launching 10.0.2.

Fixed spurious errors when running multiple models at the same time.

Prevents Runs (NumSims) in the Simulation Setup from being set to 0.

PlaceTextBlocksInHBlock and placeBlock no longer leave items selected.

Fixed a crash when trying to draw a connection line from one window to another.

Continuing random number sequence now works with database random cells.

The Field_Renamed message was being incorrectly sent when a new field was added to the database.

Two Field_Renamed messages were being sent when the DBFieldRename() function was being called.

NumericParameter function was not displaying the information string passed in.

DBRelationsGetNames function was interpreting the relationship index incorrectly.

Holding the mouse button down while making a connection line was selecting blocks.

Invalid EndTime values in the Simulation Setup dialog will report an error.

openAndSelectDialogItem was opening the dialog, but not selecting parameters.

Corrected problem with European vs USA number notation in Simulation Setup.

Issue with exporting empirical named distributions.

App could sometimes crash if dynamic arrays in block structure were reordered between ExtendSim 9 and ExtendSim 10.

Loading a DLL now reports the Windows error number if it fails.

IPCGetDocName function didn't get file name after IPCOpenFile called with "" name.

New Message Handlers



HBLOCKSAVETOLIBRARYAS • Sent when a hierarchical block is being saved to a library

New Functions








From ExtendSim 10.0.1 to 10.0.2

Released on November 13, 2018


Resolved issues for cloned dialog items:

bulletgoldfixed ability to delete a clone

bulletgoldclones now default to visible and enabled when created

bulletgoldcorrected right-click context for Chart block clones

Added time-only date values to the Line Chart block.

Improved the performance of Sensitivity Analysis and when connecting multiple lines to a single connector.

Fixed potential crash if quickly clicking Enter after making dialog change.

Save command now works if a torn-off Notebook is the active window.

Improved ability to stop simulation run after getting certain error messages, plus removed Debugger button unless in debugging mode.

Added error message if trying to close a model while Hblock structure changes are being applied.

Corrected the saved state when using block substitution.

Improved the data table width calculation.

Fixed issues when creating/editing/debugging block structure: checking dialog item names for invalid characters, was crashing if positioning cursor in text box while getting compiler errors or if using copy/paste while using a resize tool in Dialog tab, fixed appending and deleting tabs in multi-tab dialogs and possible crash on close model after debugging.

Fixes to functions: GetDialogNames crashed if called on a non-block, EDCalendarDateGet wasn't working, IconGetView and IconGetViewName now work with Hblocks, UserPrompt returns 0 or 1, AnimationPixelRect default color is now white, repaired StringCase's upper/lower case issue, PlaceBlock was failing when called for a block from a protected library.



From ExtendSim 10.0.0 to 10.0.1

Released on October 23, 2018


Converting certain types of ExtendSim 9 models sometimes caused a crash.

Simulation Setup dialog now properly saves changes when clicking the "OK and Run" button.

If a model hasn't been saved, the first save is now the same as a "Save As".

Trying to open a model that was missing some blocks could sometimes cause a crash.

Improved Animation Text when opening ExtendSim 9 models.

Animation pixel rectangles now initialize to gray when ExtendSim 9 models are converted.

Removed the previous model's name from the File Open dialog when issuing an Open Model command.

New Features

PlotterSignalValueSet and PlotterSignalValueGet now support line thickness.

Clicking Alt+O in the Script tab of a block's structure now opens the Edit > Options > Script window to customize the script appearance