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Imagine That Inc. is committed to get you started modeling right away and keep you modeling. Tutorials, example models, videos, and more are in place to help you get up to speed to quickly.

If you find you do need help with your modeling project, start with:

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Product LineIn-depth look at the simulation tools that are building the future.
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All ExtendSim products share the same core set of high-end features. Packages differ based on functionality.
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License TypesLicenses vary depending on usage.

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1ExtendSim Example Models, Videos, & Help System
Available any time you are using ExtendSim via the QuickStart control panel, ExtendSim Examples folder, tool tips, block help, and menu commands.
2ExtendSim User Guide and Developer Reference

All ExtendSim products contain electronic files of the User Guide and Developer Reference. To access these manuals from within ExtendSim, give the command Help>ExtendSim Help. They can also be downloaded here.

The ExtendSim User Guide explains simulation concepts and has step-by-step tutorials that show you how to build, run, and analyze ExtendSim models. The tutorials are supported by example models and correspond to the different modeling technologies: continuous, discrete event, discrete rate, and 3D modeling.

The Developer Reference reveals the ExtendSim integrated development environment (IDE). It is a resource for modelers who use equation-based blocks as well as for programmers who create, modify, and debug ExtendSim blocks.

3Frequently Asked Questions
Search our comprehensive knowledgebase of FAQs.
4Online Forums
An active online community provides additional support through forums, networks, and blogs. Go to Links for descriptions and links to each forum.
5Submit your question to ExtendSim Technical Support

Access to Technical Support is provided to all registered ExtendSim users at no charge for the first 60 days after purchase. After 60 days, support is available through an ExtendSim Support Plan.

Once you complete this form, we can route your question to the appropriate person. Submitting your model with this form, allows us to start working on your question immediately.

Or you may choose to call Support at 408.365.0305 during operating hours (Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm PDT).

Support Coverage

Technical support covers basic usage and troubleshooting questions such as:

. bullet Assistance for software download, installation, and setup.
  bullet General guidance regarding ExtendSim features and usage.
  bullet Referrals to example models and documentation to explain concepts and features.
  bullet Simple sample models on a limited basis.
  bullet Answering questions related to documentation or example models.
  bullet An overview of methods to achieve efficient and optimal model performance.
  bullet Basic assistance in troubleshooting unexpected model behavior.

For questions that indicate consulting or training assistance is needed (such as how to approach model building, a need for extensive model debugging, and help with writing or debugging custom code), we will refer you to the appropriate trainer and/or consultant.

For third-party applications that communicate with ExtendSim, we are glad to convey any knowledge that we have, but we cannot provide comprehensive support for another vendor's software.


Support Plans

To make sure you're successful, technical support* is available either under an Annual Maintenance Plan or on a Per-Incident basis.


Maintenance PlanAnnual Maintenance Plan

Maintenance Plans cover basic usage questions and troubleshooting by our support staff as well as upgrades to major releases. In addition to support and upgrades, a Maintenance Plan offers the potential for first looks at upcoming products and features.

For concurrent-user (network) licenses of ExtendSim an annual Maintenance Plan for support and upgrades is required. For the first year, the Maintenance Plan is included in the price of the product; it must be renewed annually after the first year. Maintenance Plans cover basic usage questions and troubleshooting by our support staff as well as upgrades to major releases.

For single-user (stand alone) licenses of ExtendSim an annual Maintenance Plan for support and upgrades is optional but highly recommended. A Maintenance Plan subscription can only be purchased when a new single-user license or upgrade is purchased or within 60 days of that purchase.

Find complete details on Maintenance Plan features and benefits on Product Line.


Per-Incident SupportPer-Incident Support (available for single-user, stand alone licenses only)

If a Maintenance Plan is NOT purchased for a single-user license:


Our support staff will provide complimentary technical assistance for installation questions or bug reports related to the current release.

bullet Our support staff will provide complimentary assistance for basic usage questions and troubleshooting for a limited time. This support expires 60 days after the purchase of a new product or upgrade. (A Maintenance Plan may be purchased during this period.)
bullet For usage questions and troubleshooting after the first 60 days, purchase support on a Per-Incident basis; each incident is a discussion and resolution of one issue.

For questions on issues such as model building or debugging, writing or debugging custom code, or training in how to build a model or use ExtendSim, consulting and training services are available at additional cost through approved ExtendSim third party consultants and certified trainers.

Per-Incident Support can be purchased from our sales staff or through the ExtendSim Store. Consulting charges will be discussed with Support Personnel prior commencing the project.

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Contact Imagine That Inc. Technical Support

If you require feature support or have any questions about our products or services please use this form to submit a ticket. Your query will be dealt with by an experienced Tech Support representative and answered as quickly as possible.

If you are reporting a problem, please check that you are using the latest build. If you are not on the latest build, please download and install the latest update before contacting support as your problem may have already been resolved.

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**Required if your ExtendSim license has a serial number associated with it.
Serial numbers are located on the start-up screen of ExtendSim.

What version of ExtendSim are you using?

To find out which version of ExtendSim you are using, open ExtendSim and
select About ExtendSim from the Help (Windows) or Apple (Macintosh) menu.

Which ExtendSim package do you own?

What operating system are you running ExtendSim on?

Approximate date you purchased ExtendSim.
Create support ticket based on:

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If your Maintenance Plan is current or it is less than 60 days since you purchased ExtendSim, there is no charge for support. If you do not have a Maintenance Plan and it is more than 60 days since purchasing, we will deduct an Incident from your Incident Pool.

Once you click Submit, you will have the option to upload your model or screenshot/s of your model to expedite the diagnosis of your issue and resolve your problem.