10.0.9Download ExtendSim 10.0.9 Updater

Released on April 5, 2022

This free update not only optimizes the stability and quality of ExtendSim, but adds some new features and improves existing ones.

Updating from ExtendSim 10.0.8, 10.0.7, 10.0.6, 10.0.5, or 10.0.4 • Fill out the form below, then download the 10.0.9 Updater to update all ExtendSim products...ExtendSim Pro, DE, CP, Analysis RunTime, and Student.

Updating from ExtendSim 10.0.3, 10.0.2, 10.0.1, or 10.0.0 • ExtendSim CP, DE, or Pro (Individual, Floating, or Node-Locked) releases prior to 10.0.4, use the Trial version of your ExtendSim package and install over your current installation of ExtendSim 10. ExtendSim Student or Analysis RunTime releases prior to 10.0.4, contact Imagine That Inc. to obtain the newer release.

EnhancementsPlease click here to view the complete list of Quality & Stability Enhancements in release 10.0.9.

Activation Key of ExtendSim License Being Updated

To find your ExtendSim Activation Key, from within ExtendSim, go to Help > About ExtendSim.

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