Upgrade to ExtendSim DE 10

ExtendSim DEIf you are a registered user of ExtendSim AT or OR 9 (or earlier), use this form to upgrade to ExtendSim DE 10. Enter your current ExtendSim serial number, contact information, and payment details (if you do not own a current Maintenance Plan) below. When you click Upgrade, you will be taken to a page to download the Trial version of ExtendSim DE. Once your Maintenance Plan is confirmed or payment is processed, we will email you an Activation Key to unlock the full version of ExtendSim DE.

Note: This form is for upgrading Individual, single user licenses only.

Serial Number of ExtendSim License Being Upgraded

Your ExtendSim serial number is located on the ExtendSim start-up screen.

Registered ExtendSim User Info
Cost & Payment Information

If you own a current Maintenance & Support Plan for ExtendSim AT or OR, there is no charge for your upgrade.

If you do not own a Maintenance & Support Plan or your Plan has expired, your cost to upgrade to an Individual license of ExtendSim DE 10 from either ExtendSim AT or OR 9 is $1199.

Note: If you own a version of ExtendSim AT or OR prior to 9 or you own ExtendSim CP, your cost will be higher than the projected $1199. We will contact you prior to generating your Activation Key regarding the final price for your upgrade.

Maintenance & Support Plan

ExtendSim DE 10 for Individuals requires an annual Maintenance & Support Plan (MSP) of $699.

As long as the MSP is kept current, you can:

Get help with installation issues, basic usage questions, and troubleshooting.

Download free ExtendSim minor release updates.

Download free ExtendSim major release upgrades.

Move your ExtendSim license from one device to another (if allowed by the EULA).

Obtain replacement or updated Activation Keys.

Experience, evaluate, and influence future products and features.

For the benefits to continue in subsequent years, the MSP must be renewed by the anniversary date of ExtendSim DE 10 license activation or the existing Maintenance Plan date (for long time ExtendSim users) at a fee of $699 per year.


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