Updating ExtendSim 10

1 - Updating an ExtendSim 10 Individual License to the latest release.

How you update your license depends on which product and release you are currently using. Choose About ExtendSim under the Help menu to open the ExtendSim start up screen. The bar at the top shows you which ExtendSim release you are using. If it does not say ExtendSim 10.0.9, you should download the most current release.

Update to 10.0.9Updating from ExtendSim 10.0.4 or later...

If you are currently using 10.0.4 or later of ExtendSim Pro, DE, CP, Student, or Analysis RunTime, download the updater to ExtendSim 10.0.9.

Updating from ExtendSim Pro, DE, or CP 10.0.3, 10.0.2, 10.0.1, or 10.0.0...

The Trial version of ExtendSim is the updater. Download the appropriate newer release of the Trial version of ExtendSim 10:

go ExtendSim Pro 10.0.9 | go ExtendSim DE 10.0.9 | go ExtendSim CP 10.0.9

Install the Trial version OVER the current installation using the same name and installing to the same location as the current installation. This updates ExtendSim without affecting the license file. When you restart ExtendSim, you will be running 10.0.9.

Note: If you subsequently launch ExtendSim and get a message that the license has not been activated, it means that you have not installed over the current installation but in fact have two installations of ExtendSim. Uninstall the update and reinstall it so that it replaces the files at the current location.

Updating from ExtendSim Student or Analysis RunTime 10.0.3, 10.0.2, 10.0.1, or 10.0.0...

If you are using ExtendSim Student or Analysis RunTime released prior to 10.0.4, contact Imagine That Inc. to obtain the newer release.

This free update of ExtendSim 10 not only optimizes the stability and quality of ExtendSim, but adds a couple of new features.

goQuality and Stability Enhancements in ExtendSim 10.0.9update fixes

2 - Compatibility between incremental releases.

When it comes to incremental releases, ExtendSim 10 is upwardly compatible. For example, a model or block created in ExtendSim 10.0.8 can easily be read in by ExtendSim 10.0.9.

However, there could be application or block changes in newer releases that would impact file readability in older incremental releases. For example, if you save a model in ExtendSim 10.0.9, you may not be able to successfully open it in ExtendSim 10.0.8 (and definitely not in ExtendSim 9 or earlier).