ExtendSimUse this chart to determine which license or combination of licenses will work for you.

Note: To learn more about each type of ExtendSim license, see License Types.

 License type/s that would work best based on your intended usage...
How you intend to use ExtendSim...IndividualNode-LockedFloating LicenseAnalysis RunTimePlayer RunTimeCloud
Frequent or "power-user" use for building and running models. •          
Routine or normal use for building and running models. • • •      
Occasional, part-time, or one-time use for building and running models. • • •      
Single user on one computer building and running models •          
Single user on one computer running models built by others - no model building needed.       • •  
Multiple users on one computer, one at a time building and running models.   •        
Multiple users on multiple computers, simultaneously or concurrently building and running models.     •      
Student use for coursework (see the Student Portal for more details on specific programs available for students). • • • • •  
Off-load extensive model analysis runs to a separate computer.       •    
COM functionality for communication with other applications supported. • • • •   •
Provide access to ExtendSim functionality over the internet or intranet to those who don't have ExtendSim.
Note: requires programming
Model viewer available as a free download.         •  


For maximum flexibility and cost-effectiveness, most companies employ a mix of licenses. Companies who want to provide ExtendSim functionality over the internet, use the Cloud license.