User Types

ExtendSimUse this chart to determine which User Type describes you best. That will tell you which license or combination of licenses will work for you.

To learn more about each type of ExtendSim license, see License Types.

    MDE MDE Team Editions Specialized Products
  User Type Individual Node-Locked Floating License Analysis RunTime Player RunTime Cloud

Frequent or "power-user" use for building and running models          
Routine or normal use for building and running models      
Occasional, part-time, or one-time use for building and running models      
Single user on one computer building and running models          
Single user on one computer running models built by others - no model building needed        
Multiple users on one computer, one at a time building and running models          
Multiple users on multiple computers, simultaneously or concurrently building and running models          
Student use for coursework (see Academic Programs & Pricing for more details on specific programs available for students)  
Off-load extensive model analysis runs to a separate computer          
COM functionality for communication with other applications supported  
Provide access to ExtendSim functionality over the internet or intranet to those who don't have ExtendSim
Note: requires programming
Available as a free download as a model viewer          
. For maximum flexibility and cost-effectiveness, most companies employ a mix of Individual and Team licenses.
. Companies who want to provide ExtendSim functionality over the internet, use the Cloud license.