1 - Overlapping text in dialog boxes.

2 - Window within ExtendSim does not appear even though the window is active and should be visible.

3 - What does the error message "Run-time error 429" indicate?

4 - ExtendSim crashes on launch returning "Unknown msg..." error.

5 - Help button in block dialogs or in models is displaying incorrect information.

6 - ExtendSim application doesn't appear in Settings/Control Panel.

7 - ExtendSim was uninstalled, but the folders are still there.

8 - Pictures placed on the model worksheet are no longer there.

9 - Viewing ExtendSim Help files while using Parallels to run ExtendSim on a Mac.

10 - Memory issues.

11 - Log4j (Log4shell) vulnerability.

12 - Creating a Windows crash dump file for troubleshooting.

13 - Finding the location of a model or library file.