Converting a Trial to a Fully Licensed Version of ExtendSim

If you already have a Trial version of ExtendSim installed on your computer, go straight to Activating ExtendSim.

If you do not already have a trial version of ExtendSim installed, click the Download Trial button of the package you wish to use.

download Pro             download DE             download CP

Enjoy your trial for free for up to 30 days from the date you first run the software. Once you reach the end of that month – if you haven’t already purchased the product – then that free trial period will end. Anytime during that first month or even after the trial has expired, you can choose to Activate ExtendSim to convert your trial to an Individual or Floating ExtendSim license.

ExtendSim Product AdvisorNote sure which package might work best for you? Try the ExtendSim Product Advisor.


Activating ExtendSim

When ExtendSim is first installed, it launches in Trial mode. Each time you launch ExtendSim during the 30-day Trial period an Activation dialog appears with three options:

Try. Until you activate the license, use this button. Tip: the Activation dialog reports the number of days remaining in the Trial period.

Purchase. This button takes you to the ExtendSim Store where you can purchase an Activation Key for an Individual license. If you are purchasing a Floating or Node-Locked license of ExtendSim, you will need a customized Activation Key. Contact Imagine That Inc. or your ExtendSim Distributor to purchase a Floating license. 

Activate. Select this button if you already have an Activation Key. Enter your Activation Key, name, email, and company/university to convert your trial to a full, Model Developer Edition of ExtendSim.

Deactivating ExtendSim Individual Licenses

for Model Developer, Analysis RunTime, and Student version licenses

The ExtendSim license agreement allows the Authorized User to activate and use ExtendSim on two devices, such as a desktop computer and a tablet or on a home and a work computer. Both activations use the same Activation Key and are managed and granted by our server.

If you have already used your two activations, use the Help menu command in ExtendSim to deactivate the software on one of your two devices before you can activate it on a third.

Activations are intended exclusively for you as the Authorized User and are tied to your customer account. To transfer your ExtendSim license to someone else, contact Imagine That Inc.

Before you sell or give away your computer, be sure to deactivate ExtendSim!