Case StudiesA growing collection of exercises developed by ExtendSim simulation engineers provide ease of mind for educators and credibility for students. Each exercise consists of a detailed case study for students, a set of reference guides, solutions document, and final model.

Case Studies plus the Block and Code Reference Guides can be downloaded here. Access to complete exercise packets including case study and solutions is limited to educators at accredited institutions. Professors can request entire case study packets by contacting us.

Must-Have Documents for All Modelers

Block Reference Guide

Block Reference Guide

Commonly used blocks from the Discrete Event, Value, and Utilities library all included on this quick reference sheet.Download Guide

Code Reference Guide

Code Reference Guide

Commonly used if/else statements, functions, database functions, and more all included on this quick reference sheet.Download Guide

Case Studies

Airline Check-In CounterAirline Check-In Counter
This case study provides the background and data necessary to build an ExtendSim model to optimize the check-in process at an airline terminal. It includes passenger arrival data that can be used to determine appropriate staffing levels to accommodate both Frequent Flyer and general passengers.Download

Concepts introduced: discrete event simulation, random distributions, staffing allocation, wait time optimization, capacity planning

Medical ClinicMedical Clinic
Coming soon!

Concepts introduced: discrete event simulation, routing and attributes, capacity planning, utilization of staff, patient cycle time