Expert Solutions Providers

Expert Solution ProvidersExpert Solutions Providers (ESPs) integrate strategic technologies and applications with ExtendSim to extend simulation coverage into specific market segments and provide customers with world-class simulation solutions.

Expert Solutions Providers are software developers offering solutions which complement ExtendSim; whether it’s a field-specific module for use with ExtendSim or a companion product to enhance model building.

For information and pricing on any of these packages, please contact the ESP directly.

Imagine That Inc. does not make any guarantees regarding the claims made by Expert Solutions Providers nor the added benefit of these tools.

Analytical Chemistry - LightStone

Professor Emeritus Edward Voigtman
Univ. Of Massachusetts - Dept. Of Chemistry
Amherst, MA USA

LightStone allows you to model the quantitative behavior (including real noises) of modern spectrometric instrumentation such as UV-vis & IR spectrometers, optical polarimeters, etc. The libraries contain more than 300 blocks, offer polychromatic modeling up to 100,001 wavelengths, and fully implement the entire Jones & Muller optical calculi. There are numerous blocks pertaining to statistics and even a genetic optimization block.

Prof. Voigtman's textbook Limits of Detection in Chemical Analysis details methods for computing valid limits of detection in chemical analysis and demonstrates various theories using the Lightstone module.

Lightstone may be used with any of the ExtendSim packages. LightStone

Biology - The BioQUEST Library

The BioQUEST Curriculum Consortium (BQCC)
Beloit College -- Biology Department
Beloit, WI USA

The BIOQUEST Library is a peer-reviewed publication that contains more than 70 tools, simulations, databases, and other resources used in undergraduate biology. The Library represents a collaborative effort to provide opportunities for students to engage in problem posing and problem solving in a variety of biological investigations. Students are encouraged to develop strategies for:

Experimental design

Acquisition and analysis of large data sets

Effective peer persuasion at all stages of scientific investigation

Simulations created using ExtendSim include:

Environmental Decision Making - model and simulate ecosystems including social and economic forces as well as study parameter variations to develop an understanding of ecosystem function and productivity.

Hypoxia Zone: Modeling Stratified Waters - model the effects of reducing nutrient loads to surface waters on microbial populations and oxygen levels within the Mississippi River basin and Gulf of Mexico Hypoxia Zone.

Late Blight Life Cycle - simulate the effects of environmental variables on the Phytopthora infestans life cycle

Metabolic Pathways - model multistep pathways of enzymatic and non-enzymatic chemical reactions.

Pfiesteria Life Cycle - manipulate environmental variables in a life cycle model of a normally benign dinoflagellate to produce an outbreak of its toxic form.

SimBio2 - offers several scenarios in which students can generate simulation graphs using actual data from the Biosphere 2 experiment.

Wine Modeling - model the fermentation process and explore variables and their effects on winemaking.

Bioquest may be used with any of the ExtendSim packages.

Chemical Process Control - IDEAS Simulation

Austria & USA

IDEAS is process simulation software for the pulp & paper, oil sands, chemical, consumer products, and mining industry. IDEAS promotes the concept of Virtual Operating Plant Technology for developing dynamic simulations to manage investment decisions, design processes and controls, test control systems, train operators, and optimize operations. With a user-extendible material properties database to define multi-component streams, IDEAS provides predictive first principles and empirical modeling for mass, energy, and momentum balances.

The ExtendSim simulation engine is incorporated into the IDEAS package.
You do not need to own ExtendSim to use IDEAS.

Chemical Process Control - THINK & POWERS

Microfusion Engineering LaboratoriesMicrofusion Engineering Laboratories, Inc.
Norcross, GA USA

Microfusion Engineering Laboratories, Inc., Alpharetta, GA USA, provides industry with automation and simulation based solutions, utilizing off-the-shelf hardware and software operating systems, that reduce risk (cost) and add value (profit) to the activities associated with the design, start-up, interfacing, training and maintenance of process and control systems.

THINK (Thermal Hydraulic Integrated Network)™ solves the time and spatially dependent equations for the conservation of mass, momentum, and energy.

THINK uses a modification of the Finite Element Method (FEM), and it is based on proven thermal hydraulic computer codes used extensively for safety analysis and high fidelity simulator modeling in the Nuclear Power industry. THINK has been used in a number of task-specific simulators, covering a wide range of applications in pulp and paper, specialty chemical, and energy industries.

POWERS (POWER Systems) is an electrical distribution network simulation code. Electrical networks are modeled by using the Finite Element Method for basic components such as resistors, inductors, and capacitors.

POWERS has a high degree of accuracy and can be easily modified to model any electrical network. The symmetric nature of the Finite Element Method and its basic building block character results in high system fidelity, fast execution time and the flexibility of interactive model building and testing.

Modules may be used with any of the ExtendSim packages.

Distribution Fitting - Stat::Fit

Geer Mountain Software Corporation
South Kent, CT USA

Included in ExtendSim Pro! Stat::Fit statistically fits input data to analytical distributions. The Auto::Fit function automatically fits continuous and discrete distributions, providing relative comparisons between distribution types. The Export function translates the fitted distribution into the specific form for ExtendSim. The distribution viewer allows interactive display of distributions, providing for quick no-data representations.

This companion product may be added to any of the ExtendSim packages.

Engineering of Complex Systems - OpEMCSS

John R. Clymer and Associates
Fullerton, CA USA

The OpEMCSS (Operational Evaluation Modeling for Context-Sensitive Systems) module provides the ability to examine important elements in a problem space and allows the formulation of alternative solution concepts. OpEMCSS contains a forward chaining, expert system controller that can implement both crisp and fuzzy rules. Plus, it applies reinforcement learning to discover optimal rules to manage system operation.

You MUST own ExtendSim Pro to use this module.

Pulp and Papermaking Processes - Opdal Simtech

Opdal SimTech
Grålum, Norway

A FlowMac expert with more than 20 years of simulation experience in the pulp and paper industry, Opdal SimTech furthers the development of the FlowMac and PaperMac modules after their creator, PaperMac AB, retired.


FlowMac is a collection of add-on libraries for ExtendSim to simulate pulp and paper processes, effluent treatment, utilization of buffer volumes, and district heat systems. With FlowMac, the user can create complete mass and energy balances for mechanical pulping and paper machines, including steam and condensate systems.

FlowMac comes with a collection of 260 block-based tutorials and for complete processes: TMP, CTMP, DIP, OCC, Boiler house, Effluent treatment, LWC, News, Liner, Fine Paper, and Tissue.


PaperMac is a framework for modelling paper properties. PaperMac is also an add-on module to ExtendSim and must be used in conjunction with FlowMac.


PulpMac must be used in conjunction with FlowMac and ExtendSim and comes with a collection of tutorials: Batch digester, continuous digester, bleaching, screening, washing, and dewatering.

FlowMac may be used with any of the ExtendSim packages.

Pulp and Papermaking Processes - PaperFront

FrontWay AB
Norköpping, Sweden

The PaperFront module for ExtendSim is a library of blocks that in detail describes the infrastructure of a pulp and papermill. This means pumps, chests and towers, mixing and splitting functions, and input/output of material. All unit operations in a paper and/or pulp mill is available. And all in the same system.

PaperFront may be used with any of the ExtendSim packages.