Individual & Node-Locked Licenses

Individual & Node-Locked Licenses

1 - Can ExtendSim be installed on a virtual machine?

2 - Do I need to uninstall ExtendSim 9 from my device when I install 10?

3 - Updating ExtendSim when there is an incremental release (e.g. from 10.x to 10.y).

4 - Renewing the Maintenance & Support Plan (MSP) for an Individual license.

5 - Activation for secure location, closed network, or air gapped device.

6 - When do I need to Reactivate my license?

7 - Moving an Individual License of ExtendSim from one device to another.

8 - Uninstalling an Individual license of ExtendSim.

9 - Silent install of ExtendSim for Individual licenses.

10 - Installing an Individual license on a closed or secure location.