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ExtendSim DE

The essential tool for researching operational performance, ExtendSim DE is an integral part of Lean, Six Sigma, risk and throughput analysis, business reengineering, and capacity planning projects. Uniquely identify, track, and analyze the behavior of physical or logical entities when events cause them to change state or move through the system. Predict the behavior of complex and large-scale systems, explore the effects of variations, facilitate the management of resources, and optimize operations. Ensure that the functioning of existing systems is well understood and that the design of new systems and processes is efficient and beneficial.

DE Capabilities

  • Emergency DepartmentExtendSim DE is a Model Developer Edition in which you can create and build models and interfaces, change values and settings, run simulations and animations, perform experiments, do analysis and optimization, save and export results.
  • Comprehensive message-based discrete event architecture for intuitive modeling of any system where time advances when events occur and tracking of model entities is important.
  • Includes pre-built discrete event blocks to represent item generation, queues, activities and delays, shutdown and shift, and more.
  • Advanced features such as priorities, preemption, reneging, jockeying, blocking, and balking.
  • Customizable attributes and rule-based routing.
  • Batch and unbatch items for processing and specify item properties.
  • Warm-up periods with statistical clearing, item logging, history, etc.
  • Statistical analysis with confidence intervals.
  • Shifts for controlling resources and activities.
  • Resource pools for optimizing constraints.
  • Customizable queuing algorithms.
  • Query Equation capability intelligently ranks the records in an ExtendSim database table and, based on a ranking rule, selects one record. It is indispensable when a database holds information that is required for making decisions in a model. For example, use this sophisticated tool to search a database table for the best record.
  • Mixed-Modeling capability - Discrete Event, Continuous Process, Monte Carlo, Agent Based, and State/Action modeling.
  • Plus all the core features from ExtendSim CP - databases, cloning, data linking, hierarchy, interactivity, Scenario Manager, Optimizer, and so forth.


*Banking Systems

*Biomedical Research


*Call and Customer Contact Centers

*Capacity Planning Projects

*Communication Systems

*Emergency Departments


*Insurance and Financial Services


*Lean and Six Sigma

*Logistics and Scheduling


*Material Handling

*Pilot Studies

*Procedural Optimization

*Production Lines

*Service and Retail Systems

*Supply Chain Dynamics

*Transportation systems

*and much more.


Available as an Individual, Floating, and Node-Locked license. See User Types for more details.


All ExtendSim products include electronic versions of the ExtendSim User Reference and Technical Reference plus Quick Start Guides for each product. All documentation is also available online for download.

DE MSPSupport & Upgrades

Maintenance & Support Plans are required for all Model Developer Edition packages and must be renewed on an annual basis to continue receiving support, upgrades, updates, discounts, and other special offers.

Try ExtendSim DE

Download DEDownload and experiment with ExtendSim DE for 30 days for free! Join the thousands using ExtendSim to solve complex simulation problems. Explore how to create models and interfaces with a Trial version, change values and settings, run simulations and animations, perform experiments, do analysis and optimization, save and export results.


Individual and Node-Locked ExtendSim DE Licenses

Purchase ExtendSim DEExtendSim DE Individual and Node-Locked licenses may be purchased and downloaded through the ExtendSim Store, ordered directly through the ExtendSim Team at ANDRITZ Inc., or from your local ExtendSim reseller.

A Floating License of ExtendSim DE

ExtendSim DE pricing As Floating licenses must be customized for specific concurrent usage, they must be purchased through the ExtendSim Team or one of its distributors (Activation keys for Floating licenses are not available in the online store.) In the US, ANDRITZ Inc. is the sole source for Floating licenses. Outside the US, please contact your local ExtendSim Distributor.