Get up to speed quickly with ExtendSim training. Benefit from real-world examples and hands-on exercises as you grow in knowledge on your path to becoming an expert in ExtendSim solutions. From basic simulation modeling to courses focused on specific features; public to on-site; you will find solutions here to fit your needs.

ExtendSim Certified Training


TrainingLearn how to use ExtendSim to its fullest potential, improve your modeling skills, and be more productive in your projects. Instructor-led public and on-site training courses feature hands-on tasks and real-world scenarios. Click here for more details and registration information.

Other Authorized Training Providers

In addition to ANDRITZ Inc. certified training courses, pre-approved third party vendors utilizing the same training materials used in the certified courses, offer a variety of training styles in various location worldwide.

Oak Ridge, TN USA

QMT GroupQMT Group offers basic to advanced simulation courses as well as coaching services.

Training ClassIn addition to offering onsite and onlines courses, QMT also offers One-On-One courses. QMT's One-On-One course is for the student who has already started using ExtendSim and is familiar with some of the features of the software. The introductory training content is skipped and more in-depth material is included and applied to the student's own model so they can apply the new concepts learned in the One-On-One course.

Grenoble, France

1Point2ExtendSim Southern European Distributor, 1Point2, hosts public authorized ExtendSim training courses at various times throughout the year.

Simulation for Industry with ExtendSim • Learn the basics of modeling and simulation with ExtendSim. Hands-on training as you build real life models for a variety of industries and master the art of discrete event modeling. This is a four day course with an optional fifth day that is devoted to discrete rate modeling with ExtendSim Pro.

This course is designed for future simulation study managers who need to be autonomous in building simple simulation models.

ExtendSim for Advanced Users • If you regularly use ExtendSim to create discrete models and want to enhance your modeling experience, this 3-day class is for you. Learn about ExtendSim’s advanced technology that will give you technical expertise which is directly applicable to your models. Topics covered include:

  • Advanced and contextual animation principles
  • Equations and equation-base tools
  • ExtendSim databases and data management
  • Modifying and building blocks using ModL

This advanced course is designed for modelers who want to use ExtendSim to its fullest potential and have some knowledge of programming.

Scheduling • Two day course that teaches scheduling concepts and methods to people from Production, Planning, and Scheduling departments. You must have a basic knowledge of production to enroll in this course.


Farsta, Sweden

DUKE Systems ABExtendSim Scandinavian distributor, DUKE Systems AB, hosts public, authorized Essential ExtendSim Training at various times throughout the year.

Contact DUKE Systems AB for more information - +46 8 7654880, fax +46 8 7654833 or email

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Insight AcumenInsight Acumen (IA) has used ExtendSim since 2010 to build models to support decision makers and PhD students across myriad domains, industries, and research subjects. IA has built models in support of child welfare, child protection, training pipelines, coal handling plants, iron ore stockpiling, underground mining, military air traffic controller demand vs service provision, state aircraft fleet demand vs service provision, lithium processing plant availability, cheese production facilities, sugar-cane supply chain PhD research, criminal justice PhD research, and hospital emergency department PhD research.

More recently, Insight Acumen has added health service modelling experts to the consultant team. Experience includes using ExtendSim to model a new hospital design, specifically emergency department, imaging, theatre, and outpatients.

Insight Acumen has ExtendSim modelling expertise while clients and prospective clients have the domain subject matter expertise. We work closely with domain SMEs to build models that are fit-for-purpose and validated (if current-state data is available). Once validated using current state, users can have confidence in conducting discovery experiments, and in the test results for any number of possible future states. 

Throughout the year, Insight Acumen offers multiple training courses for ExtendSim Essentials Training and Rate-Based Modeling. Go to the Insight Acumen training portal for dates and pricing of upcoming courses.

Note: Although ANDRITZ Inc. believes all Authorized Training Providers are qualified professionals, we do not warrant or guarantee the quality of their work. ANDRITZ Inc. is not responsible for any errors or the actions of these independent service providers.