Apply for an ExtendSim Academic Research Grant

researchgrantStudents working towards an advanced degree - Apply for an ExtendSim Academic Research Grant! Under this Grant, Imagine That Inc. subsidizes a portion of a student's research by donating a full, Model Developer Edition of ExtendSim for use by that student during the term of the project. In exchange, the student provides a description of the research, quarterly updates throughout the term of the project, and final project results, publications, and models.

To apply for a Grant, complete the form below providing a detailed description of your proposed innovative research project. Once your application is accepted, you will receive a link to download ExtendSim so you can start your project right away. It's that easy!

Once you've completed your project, all findings (ie. papers, projects, etc.) and the ExtendSim model formulated must be submitted to Imagine That Inc. As a bonus, as long as you have sent us your quarterly reports and your completed project, we will give you full rights to use the ExtendSim license granted to you for all future academically-based research!

Note: Grants will only be awarded and supported for education-based, public research applications. The ExtendSim license awarded under the Grant is a non-exclusive, non-transferable, Individual license subject to a license agreement.

ExtendSim Academic Research Grant Application

Please provide a thorough description of what makes your project unique to be considered for an ExtendSim Academic Research Grant. If accepted for the Grant program, information submitted on this application will be posted on the ExtendSim web site unless otherwise specified.

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