Nonprofit Research Grant Application

researchgrantNonprofit organizations seeking to use simulation for the betterment of society can apply for an ExtendSim Nonprofit Research Grant. Under this Grant, Imagine That Inc. donates an full, Model Developer Edition of ExtendSim for use by an individual within that organization for a specific project. In exchange, the organization provides Imagine That Inc. a description of the research, quarterly updates throughout the term of the project, and all findings (ie. papers, projects, etc.) plus the ExtendSim model formulated for the project.

Note: Grants will only be awarded and supported for nonprofit, public research applications. The ExtendSim license awarded under the Grant is a non-exclusive, non-transferable, Individual license subject to a license agreement.

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Provide a thorough description of what makes your project unique and invaluable to be considered for an ExtendSim Nonprofit Research Grant. If accepted for the Grant program, information submitted on this application will be posted on the Nonprofit Research Grants page of ExtendSim web site.

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Requirements for the ExtendSim Academic Research Grant Program

You must be able to adhere to all requirements to be approved for an ExtendSim Nonprofit Research Grant.

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