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Each ExtendSim product has the same core set of capabilities. Packages vary depending on the type of models you will build.  Not sure which package might work best for you. Go to Features to learn how each ExtendSim product -- Pro, DE, and CP -- compares to the others.

Download ExtendSim now. You will have 30 days from the date you first run the software to try it out to see if it fits your needs.

download Pro             download DE             download CP


Activation DialogGetting Started with the Trial Version

Download and install the Trial version. When you launch ExtendSim, you'll be asked if you want to Try, Purchase, or Activate ExtendSim. To start your 30 day trial period, click Try.

ExtendSim opens and the Getting Started window appears. Use it to:

  • Getting StartedLearn how to run and build ExtendSim models through videos, example models, and tutorials.
  • Access Quick Start Guides and videos for each product.
  • Open pre-built models that accompany the Quick Start Tutorials.
  • Explore sample models discovering ExtendSim capabilities such as the built-in authoring environment, activity-based costing, hierarchy, optimization, ability to link to internal databases for data storage and management, resource management, etc.

As your evaluation progresses, ExtendSim Help is available at every step:

  • Quick Start Guides are available for each type of modeling. In addition, there is a comprehensive ExtendSim User Reference, Technical Reference, and reference guides for some of ExtendSim's advanced features.
  • The ExtendSim Learning Center provides access to videos, additional sample models, modeling templates, codumentation, and much more.
  • From within ExtendSim, you can access the Help system for the application, Help within each block, and tool tips. Plus online FAQs can answer most other questions.
  • Networking with other ExtendSim simulationists through user forums and blogs.

System Requirements

As the Trial version is a limited version of the Individual license, the same system requirements apply.


The ExtendSim Trial version is an Individual license of ExtendSim. It may only be used by the person who downloaded it and only for a period of 30 days. At any time during that period, you may choose to purchase ExtendSim and activate it into a fully licensed copy.

You may not install the ExtendSim Trial version on a server, allow others to access its use or functionality, include it on a CD or any other media, nor post it online. Download pdfDownload the ExtendSim License Agreement for complete terms.