Global Resellers

ExtendSim Users

ExtendSim is being used in almost every country worldwide! We are very fortunate that in many of these countries we have highly skilled and knowledgable Distributors and Authorized Value Added Resellers VARs). These companies serve as local contact for ExtendSim sales, upgrades, support, training, and consulting.

Authorized ExtendSim Resellers

North America & South America
Imagine That Inc.Imagine That Inc.

France, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain, & Switzerland

Distribution Outlet
France Austria Belgium Germany Greece Italy Portugal Spain Switzerland
Scandinavia (Denmark, Norway, Sweden) & Finland
DUKE Systems ABDUKE Systems AB
Distribution Outlet
Denmark Denmark Norway Sweden
China, Hong Kong, & Macau
SaizhinuoHenan Saizhinuo Technology Co., Ltd

Distribution Outlet
China Hong Kong Macau

In all other countries not listed here, purchase ExtendSim through the ExtendSim Store or directly from Imagine That Inc. in San Jose, CA USA.

If you are a software vendor or consultant interested in reselling ExtendSim products, please contact Imagine That Inc.