The ExtendSim Team is committed to get you started modeling right away and keep you modeling. Check out the multitude of available resources that'll help you get up to speed to quickly:

1Quick Start Guides, Videos, & Example Models

Installed with ExtendSim and available from our web site.

  • When you first launch ExtendSim, use the Getting Started control panel to access Quick Start Guides with step-by-step model-building tutorials, videos, documentation, and example models from each ExtendSim package.
  • Visit the ExtendSim Learning Center for links to model building tips, templates, additional sample models, videos, documentation, and lots more.

2ExtendSim User and Technical References plus ExtendSim Help System

All ExtendSim products contain electronic files of manuals and guides - look in the ExtendSim Documentation folder. Or download ExtendSim documentation here. Plus, utilize the extensive Help system built into ExtendSim, including tool tips, block help, and menu commands.

3Frequently Asked Questions

Chances are someone has already had the same question you have. Check our comprehensive knowledgebase of Frequently Asked Questions first.

4ExtendSim Training

Online, in-person, and on-site instructor-led courses teach you how to use ExtendSim to build models using real-world scenarios so you can use it to its fullest potential. Which course is the best fit for you? Find out on the ExtendSim Training page.

5Initiate an ExtendSim Support Ticket

When all else fails, talk to one of our highly skilled Simulation Engineers.