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ExtendSim is a modular application. Each package in the ExtendSim family of simulation tools offers the same core set of high-end features. Packages differ based on added functionality. These are just a few of the capabilities packed into ExtendSim products.

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Extensible Modular Design Pre-built libraries of blocks for modeling tasks and continuous processes Play Video
Create custom blocks and components, save in libraries for reuse
Play VideoMessage-based Item library for discrete event modeling  
Integrated Stat::Fit application - fit data to a distribution  
ExtendSim DB Add-In for creating ExtendSim databases in Excel    
Play VideoRate module for simulating high-speed or large-volume bulk flow systems    
Reliability module that integrates RBD with process flow simulation      

Graphical Model Building & Simulation Framework Right-Click to automatically add and connect blocks on worksheet
Unlimited hierarchical layers and submodels; save Hblocks in libraries
Authoring environment for creating custom interactive model interfaces
Clone parameters, tables, and charts to worksheet and Notebooks
Change parameters and interact with model during simulation run
On-screen results, graphs, reports, and integrated animation
Full-featured equation editor for compiled logical statements and mini-programs
Numerous tools and methods for monitoring and verifying results
35 built-in distributions, plus create your own
64-bit scalability - build, view, and run models of any size
Advanced Resource Management for complex resource requirements and allocation rules  
Template library with pre-fabricated model segments  
Identify system entities using string, value, and database attributes  
Simulate rate-based flow of material - tanks, levels, valves, and storage    
Identify and organize quantities of flow using layer and string layer attributes    
Graphically define reliability relationships between system components    

Experimentation, Optimization, & Statistical Analysis Scenario Manager with export of analysis to JMP and Minitab
Evolutionary Optimizer - open source and fully integrated
Sensitivity analysis for exploring alternatives
Quantile and interval statistical analysis with confidence intervals
Dynamically export data to Excel for analysis
Warm-up periods with statistical clearing
Activity Based Costing for assessing financial outcomes  
Automatic summary statistics for queues, activities, and resources  
Import data-fitted distributions from Stat::Fit    

Data Management & Exchange, Reports, Connectivity Internal relational databases provide a robust foundation for scalable models
Dynamically link model data and tables with internal database tables
Import/Export model data using Excel, databases that are ODBC or ADO compliant (Microsoft Access, Oracle, MySQL, SQLServer; Windows only), and XML or FTP files
Multiple Notebooks per model, for documentation and inputs/outputs
Interactive read/write to exchange data with Excel
Reports Manager with multiple customizable filters
Customizable Scatter, Line, Histogram, and DB Line Chart blocks
Automated reports on component reliability, down events, TBF, TTR, and more    
Exchange model data with Oracle database    

Developer Power Integrated development environment optimized for simulation
Create reusable blocks and components in any field; save in libraries
Graphical UI builder for custom block dialogs and icons
Blocks are compiled to machine code for speed
Rich API with thousands of built-in functions
Interactive source code debugger with conditional breakpoints
Profiler for optimizing block performance
Create wizards for tasks or to interact with users
Call DLLs and Shared Libraries for additional capabilities
Control of and by other applications using COM/ActiveX
Exposed database API including database event messages
Open source discrete event technology  
Open source rate-based technology    
Advanced LP solver technology    
Integrated reliability block diagramming tool    
Extensive online Help
Play VideoGet up to speed rapidly with a detailed model-building videos and tutorials
More than 100 example models from a wide variety of industries
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