ExtendSimExtendSim is not your ordinary simulation tool. It has been an advisor to production line workers as well as world leaders; a pioneer in combating hunger through the creation of higher yielding grains; a cancer fighter tracking tiny nanorobots through a bloodstream to seek out tumors; and an environmental advocate establishing a standard for the development of new energetic materials.

Simulation provides decision-makers with valuable information that is lacking in other forms of analysis. It is a key technology to understanding processes and identifying opportunities for improvement. ExtendSim simulation software helps guide decision making by simulating processes and graphically determining the best system configuration. ExtendSim features a customizable modeling logic where relationships between modeling components are visible. Its flexibility provides the ability to create and couple hierarchical subsystems, design interactive user interfaces, and rapidly explore design options. ExtendSim's robust data storage and manipulation tools put you in control of model information, facilitating organization of complex data.

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