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ExtendSim Pro

The ultimate simulation tool! ExtendSim Pro adds discrete rate, reliability block diagramming (RBD), and other advanced modeling technologies to ExtendSim DE.

Advanced Simulation Capabilities

Peanut Butter Processing Plant ModelThis package offers advanced technology that goes beyond the typical continuous or discrete event modeling capabilities of other simulation applications. It adds:

  • Discrete Rate Module — to simulate systems that involve tanks, levels, and valves, plus modeling of the storage and rate-based movement of system components.Learn more
  • First of its kind Reliability Block Diagramming (RBD) tool that forms a powerful synergy between the process simulation power of ExtendSim and detailed reliability analysis offered by reliability block diagramming. The Reliability module can be used as either a standalone RBD tool or in conjunction with ExtendSim process simulation capabilities.Learn more
  • The Excel Add-In for ExtendSim databases allows you to completely specify a new ExtendSim database in Excel, including parent/child relationships, cell randomization, named distributions, and more. Then export the database for use in ExtendSim models.
  • Stat::Fit® (from Geer Mountain) to determine which distributions, if any, offer a good fit for the underlying data.
  • Connectivity with Oracle — import data from or export data to an Oracle database.
  • Plus, all the features and capabilities of ExtendSim DE and ExtendSim CP.


•Airplane and Automotive

•Bottling Plants

•Call Centers (high volume)

•Chemical Processes

•Distribution Logistics

•Food Processing




•Oil and Gas

•Packaging Lines

•Paper Flow

•Pit-to-Port and Ship-to-Shore Modeling

•Production Lines

•Rate-Based Systems

•Reliability Engineering


•Service Centers

•Spare Parts Inventory Management

•Transportation and Traffic Systems

•and much more.


Available as an Individual, Floating, and Node-Locked license. See User Types for more details.


All ExtendSim products include electronic versions of the ExtendSim User Reference and Technical Reference plus Quick Start Guides for each product. All documentation is also available online for download.

Pro MSPSupport & Upgrades

Maintenance & Support Plans are required for all Model Developer Edition packages and must be renewed on an annual basis to continue receiving support, upgrades, updates, ability to launch multiple instances of ExtendSim, and other special offers.

Try ExtendSim Pro

Download ProDownload and experiment with ExtendSim Pro for 30 days for free! Join the thousands using ExtendSim to solve complex simulation problems. Explore how to create models and interfaces with a Trial version, change values and settings, run simulations and animations, perform experiments, do analysis and optimization, save and export results.


Individual and Node-Locked ExtendSim Pro Licenses

Purchase ExtendSim ProExtendSim Pro Individual and Node-Locked licenses may be purchased and downloaded through the ExtendSim Store, ordered directly through the ExtendSim Team at ANDRITZ Inc., or from your local ExtendSim reseller.

A Floating License of ExtendSim Pro

ExtendSim Pro pricingAs Floating licenses must be customized for specific concurrent usage, they must be purchased through the ExtendSim Team or one of its distributors (Activation keys for Floating licenses are not available in the online store.) In the US, ANDRITZ Inc. is the sole source for Floating licenses. Outside the US, please contact your local ExtendSim Distributor.