Individual License

Installing & Activating an ExtendSim 10 Individual License

If you do not already have a trial version of ExtendSim installed, click the Download Trial button of the package you wish to use.

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InstallInstructions for Installing an Individual License

ExtendSim 10 has an automated software installer. Simply double click the installer icon and follow the onscreen instructions to automatically install ExtendSim.**

pdfflipbookDownload ExtendSim Individual License Installation and Activation Instructions Download Instructions


Launching ExtendSim 10

When ExtendSim is first installed, it launches in Trial mode*. Enjoy your trial for free for up to 30 days from the date you first run the software. Once you reach the end of that period – if you haven’t already purchased the product – then that free trial will end. Anytime during the trial or even after the trial has expired, you can choose to Activate ExtendSim to convert your trial to an Individual ExtendSim license.

Each time you launch ExtendSim during the 30-day Trial period an Activation dialog appears with three options:

Try.* You'll have 30 days to access all the powerful simulation capabilities in ExtendSim. Until you purchase and activate ExtendSim, the Activation dialog will appear on startup and report the number of days remaining in your Trial period, plus there will be a "Trial Version" watermark stamped behind all your models. But all that goes away on activation.

Purchase. Selecting this will take you to the online store to purchase an Activation Key for the Individual license. If you don't have an internet connection, ExtendSim will provide alternate methods for purchasing ExtendSim.

Activate. Make it official! Drop your Activation Key and other required information into the entry fields. Your ExtendSim license will automatically be activated and tied to the computer upon which the activation is long as you have an internet connection on that machine. If you don't have internet access, ExtendSim will offer alternatives for activating your license.

* There is no Try option or Trial mode for the ExtendSim Analysis RunTime or ExtendSim Student. Your activation dialog options are to either Purchase or Activate.


Activating ExtendSim Individual


Automatic Activation

24/7 automatic activation worldwide with an internet connection

Most common method of activation

Activation is automatic once you enter your Activation Key in the Activation Dialog, unless your device doesn't have internet access or your system's firewall or virus protection blocks the activation. Once activated, ExtendSim displays your Activation Key and date of Maintenance Support Plan expiration on your ExtendSim startup screen.


Manual Activation

If your device is not connected to the internet, your internet is down, or firewall or virus protection software is blocking activation

Not very common method of activation

If ExtendSim is unable to accomplish activation automatically, it will present messages such as “License Activation Problems” or “No Internet Connection”. In those cases, activation must be accomplished manually.*

Follow these steps to manually activate ExtendSim:

Manual activation windowUse the "Save Activation Info as Text File" button on the error message to generate a text file (ExtendSim Activation Info.txt) that contains the activation information. You can save the text file anywhere you want; by default it is saved to the top level of your Documents folder.

Using an email address that can receive an attached text file in return, email the text file to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We will generate a text file named ExtendSim.lic and email it to you.

Place the ExtendSim.lic text file in your MyDocuments/ExtendSim10 folder. (Do not place it in the Program Files/ExtendSim10 or ExtendSim10/Documentation folders!)

Restart ExtendSim and you'll be activated! ExtendSim displays your Activation Key and date of Maintenance Support Plan expiration on your ExtendSim startup screen.

* Notes: Manual activation may take up to 3 days to receive your license file.


Deactivating ExtendSim Individual

Activations are intended exclusively for you as the Authorized User and are tied to your customer account. The ExtendSim license agreement allows the Authorized User to activate and use ExtendSim on one device. NOTE: the license shall not be shared with a different person or installed on someone else’s device!

If you need to change the computer upon which ExtendSim is installed, you must deactivate ExtendSim on the first device (using the Help > Deactivate ExtendSim command) before activating it on a second.

You'll also want to deactivate your ExtendSim license if you are moving your license to a new device or selling/giving away your computer to someone else.


**Installation Notes

The Installer will write some ExtendSim files to one location and some to another:

The ExtendSim application and other files that are not meant to be modified, such as the Help, will be installed in the folder Program Files/ExtendSim10.

User-modifiable files (models and libraries), will be installed by default in the folder MyDocuments/ExtendSim10.

Note 1: For user-modifiable files, the installation destination must be to a location for which the end user has read-write access so that they can open, change, and save models.

Note 2: Individual Licensed are not intended for installation into a documents folder that is accessible by more than one user; eg. the Public folder. If you want multi-user access on one device, purchase a Node-Locked License.