Floating Licenses

ExtendSim on Client Devices

1 - Can a Client device be a virtual machine?

2 - How does the Client installation know where the Server’s License Manager is?

3 - Can a Client device tell which Server has the License Manager?

5 - Do I need to uninstall ExtendSim 9 from Client devices when I install 10?

6 - Checking Out and Checking In Client Licenses (Roaming).

7 - Updating Clients when there is an incremental release (e.g. from 10.x to 10.y).

8 - Renewing the Maintenance & Support Plan (MSP) on a Client.

9 - Changing the number of concurrent users.

10 - Uninstalling ExtendSim from a Client device of a Floating license.

11 - "Communications error with license server -17" message

12 - "No license for product (-1)" error message. (2)

License Manager on Server

1 - Can I move the License Manager from one Server to another?

2 - Uninstalling the License Manager for an ExtendSim 9 Network license.

3 - Changing the default port (5053) used for communication.

4 - Uninstalling the License Manager for an ExtendSim 10 Floating license.

5 - Can the Server where the License Manager is installed be a virtual machine?

7 - Verifying the ExtendSimLicServer is running as a Service.

8 - Starting the Service manually if the License Manager fails.

9 - Changing the port for the ISV Server.

10 - "Connection refused at Server -111" error when installing the License Manager.

11 - Installing the License Manager for a Floating License.

12 - What to do if RLM is already running on the Server.

13 - "Error generating license -105" message

14 - Can two Floating licenses be managed by a single License Manager?

15 - Virtual machine dynamic MAC/Ethernet address issue.

16 - License Manager installer error “StartService failed”.

Managing a Floating License

1 - Silent install of ExtendSim on Client devices for a Floating license.

2 - How do I access reports on how the Clients are using the Floating License?

3 - Parallel running of an ExtendSim 9 Network and an ExtendSim 10 Floating License.

4 - Renewing the annual Maintenance & Support Plan (MSP).

5 - Change the number of concurrent users.

6 - What happens after we change the number of concurrent users?

7 - Is the Floating License an internally-hosted solution?

Troubleshooting a Floating License

1 - What does the "Connection refused at server -111" message mean?

2 - Debugging issues with your Server/Client set up.

3 - All of a sudden Clients can no longer communicate with the License Manager.

4 - Host name bad or incorrect: -43 or -131 error messages.

Floating Licenses

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