ExtendSimWhat you'll notice first with ExtendSim 10 is its whole new look and feel. What you'll discover is that it is even more powerful than ever!

We've rebuilt ExtendSim from the ground up focusing on how you use ExtendSim to create, run, and analyze models. ExtendSim has always offered the best balance between ease-of-use, flexibility, and scalability from the simplest to the most complex systems. And now it does that even better. We've added features with the future in mind and that are tailored to the way you work so you can master complexity of any modeling challenge.

We're excited to deliver this new ExtendSim that feels so different - modern, efficient, user-focused - yet supports all the work you've done in previous releases.

Just check these new features out! Download a Trial version and start modeling!

For the complete list of more than 3 decades worth of features built into ExtendSim simulation tools, click here.

New Features in ExtendSim 10

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Complete rewrite of the ExtendSim application using an industry standard IDE (Integrated Development Environment) and a cross-platform framework
Tear-off notebooks, model worksheets, etc.
Multiple Undo/Redo
Improved graphic objects – new color selector, free rotation (Alt-click on resize box), transparency/translucency, properties
Tear off menus – e.g. Connection Line Style, Tools, etc.
Incremental zoom in/out
Improved text: edit while scaled, rotate, select in groups to change style, vertical, transparent background, etc.
Tile and Cascade windows commands (Window menu)
Consistency of UI between worksheet, notebook, block structure, etc.
Improved search capabilities with regular expressions capability
Window size and position memory
Refreshed toolbar and block icons
Two Run Modes accessed by toggling the Run Mode button in the Model toolbar:
Fastest Run Mode Fastest run mode to run a single model as fast as possible, even if you run it multiple times
Multi-threaded Run Mode Multi-threaded run to run multiple models at the same time, taking advantage of the ExtendSim multi-threading capability -- the user interface is processed in one thread and the processing for each model occurs in separate threads


Worksheet and notebook are tabs in model window that can be torn off
Multiple notebooks per model; even hierarchical blocks have notebooks
Docking library windows; tear off to float
Point and Click to place blocks (rather than drag and drop); Alt key to add multiple blocks
Right click connectRight-Click Connect to add blocks and connect them at the same time
Libraries are database-based; library size is only limited by your RAM
Scrollable popup menus (combo box)
Improved Data Import Export; import an entire database; import/export with Oracle database
Connection lines:
Connection line types4 styles, including Smart and Free Form
Point and Click to connect (or Smart Blocks – bump connect, right click, etc)
Easier to customize: right click to stylize one line, shift-click on a segment adds/removes points
Right-click on a free-form segment then toggle Bezier Curve for custom connection lines
Up to 20 “Recent Files”
64-bit allows bigger models and libraries; multi-threading
Chart libraryNew Chart library with Bar Chart, Line Chart, DB Line Chart, Histogram, and Scatter Chart each with up to 20 inputs
Reports Manager blockNew Reports Manager block - the primary interface in ExtendSim for creating reports from simulation runs for blocks, events, items, and resources. This block's dialog provides filtering conditions to specify which blocks, events, items, and resources to generate reports for; data is stored in an internal ExtendSim database for ease of access and export
Automatic Executive block placement on new DE and DR models  
Learn moreUpdated Rate module for modeling discrete rate processes for the evaluation of high speed, high volume systems    
Reliability modelNew Reliability module combining process simulation with reliability block diagramming Learn more    

Bezier curvePaths – right-click on a free-form segment to curve
Anti-aliasing for cleaner appearance of lines, blocks, objects
Smoother simultaneous animation with multiple objects at a time

Block structureNew source code (text) editor similar to Notepad++. Choose colors for keywords, cause the script to word wrap, us brace matching, auto indent, word/line wrap, zoom/reduce in the script window, show end of line characters, show white space, and more.
Alt+O in the Script tab of a block's structure opens the Edit > Options > Script window to customize the script
Improved dialog editor and structure windows
Code completion improvements
User customizable (add a text .ini file in Extensions folder), call tips
When you type the first letters for a ModL function or message handler in the block’s Script tab, code completion pops up a window with a list of functions that start with those letters. Scroll through the list and double-click to select the desired function.
Graphic objects in dialogs
Progress bar column tag
Improved search and find capabilities


Learn moreNew product line-up: CP, DE, Pro Model Developer Editions plus Analysis and Player RunTime versions
Learn more30 day trial version available to new users
Learn moreIntegrated Maintenance & Support Plan with first year free
New License Manager for team and individual licenses
Learn moreImproved Cloud capabilities

New Libraries in ExtendSim 10

CP DE ProChart Library

Brand new library of blocks for charting simulation results. These Chart blocks can be used in any type of ExtendSim model - continuous, discrete event, discrete rate, or and combination of modeling types.

Bar ChartBar Chart
The Bar Chart shows a visual representation of categorical data. Data is categorized into discrete groups (categories) such as months in the year, age group, types of machines, etc. The Bar Chart can also be used as a grouped bar chart such that for each categorical group there can be two or more bars, each representing a series.

Line ChartLine Chart
The Line Chart traces the history of values received over time during a simulation. The Chart can trace up to 20 lines of values from value input connectors.

DB Line ChartDB Line Chart
The DB Line Chart traces the history of values received over time during a simulation run or traces the content of a DB table. The Chart can trace up to 20 lines of values from an ExtendSim database.

The Histogram block displays statistical information, using bars to show the frequency of data sets (series) in successive numerical intervals of equal size (bins).

Scatter Chart
Scatter ChartThe Scatter Chart traces the history of {X,Y} values received during a simulation run. The Chart can trace up to 20 lines that are sets of two from input connectors.



Report Library

Brand new library of blocks to enhance the reporting and tracking of simulation results.

Cost StatsCost Stats -- Records the input costs and total cost generated in each costing block. (Was in the Item library in ExtendSim 9 and earlier.)

DB StatisticsDB Statistics -- Calculates statistics for all the records in a field. (Was in the Value library in ExtendSim 9 and earlier.)

Item Log ManagerItem Log Manager -- Creates a log of item information from data found in History blocks and blocks with "Contents" tabs. (Was in the Item library in ExtendSim 9 and earlier.)

Reports ManagerReports Manager -- Brand new block! The Reports Manager is the primary interface in ExtendSim for creating reports from simulation runs for blocks and events. The dialog of the Reports Manager blocks provides filtering interfaces to specify which blocks, events, items, and resources to generate reports for. Block reports collect and centralize information from the Results tabs of user-specified blocks. Event reports collect information for events that have properties matching user-specified filtering conditions. The information collected for these reports is stored in a table in an internal ExtendSim database.

StatisticsStatistics -- Reports statistics for selected blocks. (Was in the Value library in ExtendSim 9 and earlier.)


Extendsim Pro

Reliability Library

First of its kind Reliability Block Diagramming (RBD) tool that forms a powerful synergy between the process simulation power of ExtendSim and detailed reliability analysis offered by reliability block diagramming. The Reliability module can be used as either a standalone RBD tool or in conjunction with ExtendSim simulation capabilities. Learn moreLearn more about the new RBD capabilities in ExtendSim 10.

Block Enhancements in ExtendSim 10

DE ProItem Library

Advanced Resource Management (ARM) -- Users can execute, during a simulation run, any of the functions that can be manually performed in the Resource Manager block's Resources tab (see the Change Resources table).

Resource Manager -- Added new logic to release reassigned resources when the items they are allocated to get renegged from.


ProRate Module

Valve blockValve
Flow Control tab -- Added the option to "Ignore new goal when BLANK or negative value is received".

Options tab -- Added "Shutdown" capabilities to the Valve.

Results tab -- Added two new advanced status reporting options for when the effective rate is 0 or less than 0.

Results tab -- Reports the quantity and the goal quantity was last calculated.

Throw Flow & Catch FlowThrow Flow & Catch Flow
Option added to have the block's label match that of its enclosing hierarchical block's label.

Convey Flow

Added ContentsLastTime_prm to the dialog so you know what time the last content update was done.


Added a checkbox so you can set to all non-used Flow attributes to Blank.


CP DE ProUtilities Library

Buttons -- Added an Animation On/Off button.

Link Alert -- Added an addressOut connector array.

Meter -- Added a vertical view for the block icon. Now animation can be either horizontal or vertical on the Meter.

Model Compare -- Option added to ignore the differences if the old value is blank and there is no new value.

Queue Tools -- Users can now add and/or delete rows in the Properties table of the Options tab.

Record Message -- Added the option to limit the number of logged differences.



Enhancements in all Blocks

Each block's structure is now tabbed, not paned.

Pinpoint uncompiled blocks in the library window quicker as uncompiled block titles are now noted in red italics.

Application Enhancements in ExtendSim 10

Context Menus (Right-click menus)

Copy Name puts the name of the (cloned or regular) dialog item onto the clipboard.

Go To Definition in a block structure works the same as the Go To Function/Message Handler command in the Develop menu. It tries to find the message handler for that dialog item in the code. If it finds it, it switches to the Script tab. If it can't find it, it does nothing.

Open Linked Database Table works for dialog parameters linked to an ExtendSim database.



Added a number of records indicator (r:nnn) after the table name title.

Improved datatable update speeds when linked to a database table.


Block Structure

The Script tab of each block in ExtendSim will remember if you maximized its area by hiding dialog variable names.

Hovering over a Modl function in the Script tab displays a tooltip of the function and its arguments.


Menu Commands

Develop > Break to Debugger immediately opens the debugging window if libraries are compiled with debugging code and you are running a model or starting some operation in a block's dialog.

Library > Library Tools > Set Library Version supports changing versions for multiple libraries.



Error messages that come up during a simulation run now have an option to Abort All Sims.

Added 64bit Add.dll (built in C++), the AddDLL project, and Add.mox files. Updated the DLLAdd block in the ModL Tips library.

Cloned dialog items have a new Properties dialog.

Database tables and fields have new size parameters in their Properties dialogs.

Database operations have additional Undo capabilities.

Dynamic text dialog items in the block structure are resizable.

Edit > Options > Misc tab has a new option: Black value connectors to convert Value connectors to solid black.

Error message windows default to OK instead of Go To Debugger.

ExtendSim developed using a newer version of the UI environment (Qt 5.11.3) with enhanced security updates.

Help > Update Activation Key command was renamed to Help > Reactivate License in the ExtendSim 10.0.5 release.

If you have moved a block from one library to another or have renamed the library, use substitutionListUser.text which will prevent updates from replacing it.

Opening multiple include files cascades file locations.

Printing of text files enabled.

Popup menus have no limits on the maximum number of characters they display.

Scripting line number maximum increased to 99,999.

Turn Animation off for fastest model Pause reaction time.

User interface even more responsive during the simulation run.

Zoom in and out using Ctrl + the mouse wheel.

Improved depiction of non-expandable variable connectors in the Structure window’s Icon View.

Improved Database list window / library windows interaction.

Improved Shift-click functionality when selecting multiple objects.

After each run ends, the Status Bar displays the Simulation Setup's End time and Runs.

PlotterSignalValueSet and PlotterSignalValueGet now support line thickness.

Clicking Alt+O while in the Script tab of a block's structure now opens the Edit > Options > Script window to customize the script appearance.

New Functions, Message Handlers, & Global Variables

In addition to the functions listed below, include files are useful when creating custom blocks. To see a block’s include file, open the block’s structure. Then give the menu command Develop > Open Include Files.

New ModL Functions

DLLUnload Library -- Allows the unloading of a specific DLL.

EquationCompileDynamicVariablesSilent -- Compiles an equation without showing the Lines Compiled dialog














New Includes

ColumnTags v10.h -- Added new column tags to the constant list: TAG_PROGRESS_BAR (23); TAG_ECOLOR_PICKER (24).

DBDI DB selection from DI v10.modl -- When changing where the database registration needs to be handled, this gives the option to update or remove the existing registrations.

lp_solve v10.h -- Improved the error message that failed to ask the user to run the application as an administrator when loading a DLL.

Valve.cm (Rate library) -- For debugging purposes, we've added the ability to keep going in recursive mode to be able to follow the recursive loop if debugger code is turned on in the block.

New System Globals




New Message Handlers



FinalCalc2 is an additional message that is sent to all blocks after FinalCalc completes.



HBLOCKSAVETOLIBRARYAS -- Sent when a hierarchical block is being saved to a library

Global Changes

Dialog Resizer -- Since they usually have different numbers and types of dialog items, a block’s tabs are often different sizes. The Dialog Resizer allows you to position the right and bottom edges of each tab separately.