Modeling Techniques

Modeling Techniques

1 - Modeling a berth that is used both for loading and unloading.

2 - Animating the simultaneous movement of items.

3 - Turning arrivals on and off for certain Create blocks in a model.

4 - Database usage with the Optimizer.

5 - Event scheduling in ExtendSim as compared to other simulation tools.

6 - Mechanism to move items through a model in ExtendSim.

7 - What happens if the Activity is busy and there is no buffer to receive an incoming item?

8 - Controlling the order that time ties are processed.

9 - Using OLE or DDE Execute functionality to run a simulation.

10 - Does changing the structure of my custom block effect other blocks?

11 - Quantity Utilization vs. Utilization‬‬ in [Resource] and tables in the ARM database.

12 - Speeding up your databases.

13 - Adding a database table to a model worksheet.

14 - Stopping a simulation run.