These prices are for new ExtendSim licenses. If you are upgrading an existing ExtendSim license, go to Upgrades. This pricing is not available in Europe, Scandinavia, Finland, China, Hong Kong, and Macau -- contact your local distributor.

Individual and Node-Locked ExtendSim licenses are available through the ExtendSim Store. Request a quote for Floating, Cloud, and OEM licenses. All ExtendSim licenses (with the exception of the Student and Analysis RunTime versions) are subject to annual maintenance and support fees - the first year of which is included in the software purchase.

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License TypeIndividualFloatingNode-Locked
Product Price
Per Each
Per User
Per Device

ExtendSim CP

  $995/ea. W111-XCP $1790/user W221-XCP $1990/device W231-XCP

Maintenance & Support Plan (MSP)

first year included in the purchase price

  $199/year W111-MCP $358/user/year
W221-MCP $398/year W231-MCP

ExtendSim DE

  $3495/ea. W112-XDE $6119/user W222-XDE $6990/device W232-XDE

Maintenance & Support Plan (MSP)

first year included in the purchase price

  $699/year W112-MDE $1224/user/year W222-MDE $1398/year W232-MDE

ExtendSim Pro

includes up to 100 Reliability Event Cycles (RECs)

  $4995/ea. W113-XPR $8790/user W223-XPR $9990/device W233-XPR

with up to 1000 RECs

  $7495/ea. W113-XPR-1000 $13,165/user W223-XPR-1000 $14,990/device W233-XPR-1000

with unlimited RECs

  $9995/ea. W113-XPR-UNLTD $17,540/user W223-XPR-UNLTD $19,990/device W233-XPR-UNLTD

Maintenance & Support Plan (MSP)

first year included in the purchase price
MSP is the same whether you have 100 or unlimited RECs

  $899/year W113-MPR $1758/user/year
W223-MPR $1998/year W233-MPR

Add up to 1000 RECs to ExtendSim Pro

  $2500/ea. E543-REC $4375/user E543-RECFL $5000/device E43-RECNL

Add UNLIMITED RECs to ExtendSim Pro

  $5000/ea. E543-UEC $8750/user E543-UECFL $10,000/device E43-UECNL

Analysis RunTime

  $495/ea. W510-ART $990/user W520-ART $990/device W530-ART
 Other Licenses

ExtendSim Cloud

Propagate the power of ExtendSim to others

    Contact Imagine That Inc. for pricing.

OEM License

Embed the ExtendSim simulation engine in your application

    Starts at

License Types

Individual Model Developer Edition

  • A single identified user on a single computer. Shared use, use by more than one individual, or use over a network or the internet is prohibited under this License Option.

Floating Licenses

  • Floating licenses are priced per concurrent user.
  • The Floating license allows a specified number of simultaneous ExtendSim users on multiple computers in a network environment. It's typically cost-effective when you have 3 or more part-time ExtendSim users (full-time users usually need Individual licenses.)
  • A Floating license must be installed and used within a single, specified continent (Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Europe, Oceania, North America, or South America). To use a Floating license across multiple continents, request a quote for a Global Floating license.

Node-Locked Licenses

  • The Node-Locked license is for sequential use on one computer.
  • It can be installed on only one computer, but will allow multiple users on that computer access to ExtendSim.

Return policy


  • All prices and payment are in US dollars.
  • These prices are only available for purchases made directly from Imagine That Inc. or its online store, are only valid for licenses used in North America, South America, Africa, or Oceania, and are subject to change without notice. To purchase licenses for use in other locations, contact your local distributor.
  • Individual and Node-Locked licenses plus Maintenance & Support Plan renewals can be purchased using a credit card in the ExtendSim Store at
  • All other products are only available directly from Imagine That Inc. or your local ExtendSim Distributor.
  • Payment terms are prepaid (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, or check) via the ExtendSim Store. POs may be accepted on approval of credit and are due and payable within 30 days. Payments after 30 days are subject to a late fee of 1% per month.
  • Purchase orders (POs) are accepted for products not available through the ExtendSim Store (eg. Floating licenses). Payment for POs is via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) or check from a US bank. Please contact Imagine That Inc. for details.
  • Export restrictions apply. ExtendSim products purchased under this schedule may not be sold outside of your country without prior approval. For all payees outside the United States YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for paying all duties and taxes.