Adopt ExtendSim as THE simulation tool for your institution

Becoming an ExtendSim Adopter offers educators at accredited institutions the opportunity to teach simulation utilizing the full capabilities of ExtendSim — at no charge. After all, it only makes sense for schools to give students a competitive edge by teaching with the same products they will use once they graduate. Once approved as an ExtendSim Adopter, the approved department receives:

An ExtendSim Academic Network License at no charge. Install it on your department's network so students may access ExtendSim when logged in to the campus' network.

An incredible 50% discount on ExtendSim Student and ExtendSim for Discrete-Event System Simulation for students' non-networked use. Adopter students pay only $25 from the ExtendSim Store.

Accredited institutions where the primary focus is on educating students are eligible to apply for ExtendSim Adopter status. Institutions that support external systems, such as technology institutes, non- or for-profit hospitals, for-profit schools, for-profit labs, or think tanks, are not eligible.

Use of the Academic Network License and access to Adopter discounts on the Student version is restricted to the college/department using the license for teaching purposes and have been approved ExtendSim Adopters. This license is not to be used for commercial purposes, such as research that is subsidized by a private or government enterprise. Only currently enrolled students and professors within that college/department are authorized to use the Academic Network License. Adopter status is granted on an annual basis so approved Adopters must reapply annually to maintain the distinction.

Note: If your university is outside of the US, Canada, or Mexico, please contact Imagine That Inc. to see if the Adopter program is available in your country.

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