Installing & Managing ExtendSim 10 Floating Licenses

Deploy ExtendSim to multiple team members through native installation on their devices with an ExtendSim Floating License. This cost-effective distribution of ExtendSim reduces per-user license cost via shared, concurrent-user deployment across any number of Client machines that communicate with and are managed by a single License Manager.


Installing & Activating a Floating License

ExtendSim Floating Licenses are concurrent-user Client/Server configurations that can be self-installed and automatically activated over the internet (or processed manually if internet activation is not available). In short, there are 2 components to install when installing an ExtendSim Floating license:

License Manager on a Server

ExtendSim application and files on Client devices

Follow the detailed instructions for installing and activating your ExtendSim Floating License:

For details, see Installing & Activating • Floating Licenses... pdfdownload  View online
Questions about the installation process? See Frequently Asked Questions • Floating Licenses... pdfdownload View online



Reactivating a Floating License of ExtendSim 10

When there is a change to your license, such as:

The Maintenance & Support Plan (MSP) has been renewed.

The License Manager has been moved to a new Server.

There is a change to the number of concurrent users.

The maximum number of Reliability Event Cycles has been increased.

The license is being upgraded to a newer release of ExtendSim (e.g. from 10.x to 11.x).

Migrating to a different ExtendSim product (e.g. from DE to Pro).

Another ExtendSim product is being added to the license. will need to reactivate it. It's quick and easy.

Note: You do not need to reactivate if you're updating Client devices to an incremental release of ExtendSim (e.g. from 10.x to 10.y).

For details, see Reactivating • Floating Licenses... pdfdownload  View online



Things to know about Floating Licenses

(also see System Requirements)

The ExtendSim Floating License is managed by a single License Manager (ExtendSimLicServer) that is installed on a Server, is TCP/IP based, and runs as a Service to control the number of concurrent users over a local or wide-area network.

The ExtendSim application and files can be installed on any number of Client devices anywhere on the network as long as they can communicate with the License Manager.

Permits Client devices to use a checked out (roaming) license of ExtendSim when disconnected from the network. (Could be disabled at customer request prior to activation.)

Unless purchased as a Global Floating License, the Floating License is restricted for use within one specified continent: Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, or South America.

ExtendSim Floating Licenses are subject to the annual Maintenance & Support Plan.

Installation Instructions for ExtendSim


Managing a Floating License

(Unless otherwise noted, see Frequently Asked Questions • Floating Licenses for more details.)


Roaming - aka checking ExtendSim Client Licenses in and out

Take ExtendSim to go! Check out a roaming license with a simple menu command - Help > Floating License > Check Out a Floating License. Use that roaming license on a laptop when not connected to the network - bring it to a customer meeting, use it off-site, take it on vacation with you, or however you may want to use it. While that roaming license is Checked Out, the License Manager will decrement the number of concurrent users on the network by one until the license is checked back in or after a period of 30 days since check out. Note: The roaming option can be disabled at customer request prior to activating a Floating License.


Renewing the Maintenance & Support Plan

As the renewal date for the Floating License’s Maintenance and Support Plan (MSP) nears, ExtendSim will occasionally remind you with a message upon launch (you can always check the ExtendSim startup screen to see the renewal date). Once you've renewed the MSP, you will need to reactivate the License Manager on the Server. For details on reactivating your License Manager after renewing, see Reactivating • Floating Licenses.


Installing ExtendSim on Client devices

Install ExtendSim on as many devices as you want as long as it can communicate with the License Manager. Download the appropriate installer of the Trial version of ExtendSim 10 for the product you purchased. Activate it using the extendsim.lic file generated by the License Manager's activation. For more details, see Installing & Activating • Floating Licenses.


Updating ExtendSim on Client devices

When a new release of ExtendSim becomes available (e.g. ExtendSim 10.0.2, 10.0.3, etc.), use the Trial version of ExtendSim as an updater. Download the appropriate newer release of the Trial version of ExtendSim 10 you are using, installing it over the current Client installation. This updates ExtendSim without affecting the license file or requiring that the License Manager be reactivated.


Uninstalling a Client License of ExtendSim

Why would you want to do that? Maybe you're selling your computer, changing jobs, who knows. Just be sure to properly uninstall ExtendSim from the Client device. It's a 3-step process:

Use the Windows Settings > Apps and Features and choose to uninstall ExtendSim

Delete the folder Documents/ExtendSim

Delete the folder Program Files/ExtendSim


Moving a License Manager

You can't directly "move" the License Manager from one Server to another, but it can be done. Contact us first to let us know you want to change Servers. We will revoke the current license so you can activate on the new Server. Then uninstall the License Manager from the original server following the instructions in Frequently Asked Questions • Floating Licenses.