4th International Conference on Decision Support Technology
"Sustainable Data-Driven & Evidence-based Decision Support with applications to the Environment and Energy sector"
22 to 25 May 2018 • Heraklion, Crete, Greece

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Carollo 2017 Award2017 Software & Technology Innovation Award
Chao-an Chiu & Charlie He, Carollo Engineers, Inc.
Corporate Vision Magazine's 2017 Software & Technology Innovation Award

Carollo’s Blue Plan-it® Team Wins 2017 Software and Technology Innovation Award
Carollo Engineers, Inc. Blue Plan-it® was selected from a shortlist of 200 firms for the 2017 Software Technology Innovation Award, given by Corporate Vision Magazine. This is an exceptional achievement, since that Carollo is really not a software company and they won a software award.

Blue Plan-ItDeveloped by Carollo to help municipal service providers manage complex, interconnected water and wastewater infrastructure, storage, treatment, conveyance, and distribution systems, Blue Plan-it is a fully customizable simulation and optimization model suite developed in ExtendSim. Blue Plan-it takes an agency’s vast quantity of data, including maintenance, geographic, regulatory, and financial information, and creates a customized graphical user interface that can be easily modified, understood, and presented.
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3rd International Conference on Decision Support Technology
"Data, Information and Knowledge Visualisation in Decision Making"
29 to 31 May 2017 • Namur, Belgium

Assessing Supply Chain Risk through a Project Risk Management Approach
Mame Gningue, Daouda Kamissoko and Sonia Froufe

ICDSST 17 WinnersFor exemplary work at the conference, Daouda Kamissoko of Ecole des Mines d'Albi-Carmaux was awarded a complimentary license of ExtendSim AT.
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2nd International Conference on Decision Support Technology
"Decision Support Systems Addressing Sustainability & Societal Challenges"
23 to 25 May 2016 • Plymouth, UK

Workload Reduction Through Usability Improvement of Hospital Information Systems - The Case of Order Set Optimization
Daniel Gartner, Yiye Zhang, and Rema Padman

Professor Rema Padman of Carnegie Mellon University, USA was awarded a complimentary license of ExtendSim AT for her part in the development of a heuristic solution procedure to minimize physician workload associated with prescribing order sets.

Knowledge identification, categorisation and prioritisation for ERP implementation success
Uchitha Jayawickrama, Shaofeng Liu, and Melanie Hudson Smith

Dr Uchitha Jayawickrama, Staffordshire University, UK was awarded a complimentary license of ExtendSim AT for participation in a study is to examine the effectiveness of knowledge identification, categorisation and prioritisation that would contribute to achieve ERP implementation success.
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VINCI 2015Prix de l’Innovation VINCI 2015 pour la région Grand Ouest
Innovation prize for the West Region of France
Processes and Techiques Prize
4 September 2015 • France

Application OSILI
Daniel Belard and Didier Lesage, COSEA/VINCI Contruction

TGVVINCI gave its “Prix de l’Innovation VINCI 2015 pour la région Grand Ouest” to the ExtendSim model called OSILI. This model studies the design and operational issues of the TGV between Tours and Bordeaux, to determine whether the high-speed trains meet reliability, availability, and regularity criteria.

OSILI represents the whole of the LGV SEA line. It allows the simulation of  incidents on the line to better understand an incident's impact and calculate the ensuing delays. Simulation provides precise results, making it possible to replay incidents and better evaluate arbitration rules.
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2015 Franz Edelman Prize Awarded to Syngenta for a Project Utilizing ExtendSim
2015 INFORMS Conference on Business Analytics & Operations Research
13 April 2015 • Huntington Beach, CA USA

Edelman awardsExtendSim was one of the key tools used by Syngenta and KROMITE LLC in their award-winning project "Good Growth through Advanced Analytics" earning the 2015 INFORMS Franz Edelman Award for Achievement in Operations Research and the Management Sciences.

The "Good Growth through Advanced Analytics" program is a Syngenta soybean breeding team initiative using advanced mathematics and new technologies to develop higher yielding soybean varieties. Through increased genetic gain, the program is improving soybean variety accuracy, selection intensity, genetic variation and generation time without using more land, water or inputs.
 Syngenta recognizes the positive impact these tools have on soybean R&D and is initiating a multi-year effort to customize and launch similar tools across all major crops.

Soybeans"Winning the Franz Edelman Award demonstrates the scientific excellence and leadership science is bringing to the farmer in the field," said Joe Byrum, Syngenta Global Head Soybean R&D. "It's a level of leadership that has hasn't been demonstrated in agriculture until now. We're honored to win the Franz Edelman Award... It further demonstrates the impact our Good Growth Plan is having on the world, and we're proud to share that message with the masses."

Additional information about the INFORMS Franz Edelman Award and Competition and all the finalists can be found online at https://www.informs.org/About-INFORMS/News-Room/Press-Releases/2015-Edelman-Finalists.youtube
ARLOG AwardArgentine Assocation of Business Logistics (ARLOG)
5th edition of the ARLOG Award
16 July 2008 • Argentina

UADE and GL&A Win the Prize ARLOG 2008

ARLOG 2008 AwardIn 2008, the Argentine Association of Business Logistics (ARLOG) selected  the Universidad Argentina de la Empresa (UADE) for the prestigious ARLOG Award. In conjunction with GL&A Consultants, UADE developed a discrete stochastic simulator for freight trains carrying cereals, oils, and other products to the ports of Bahía Blanca and Rosario from producing areas in Argentina to improve the logistical capacity of the company. The operation of the entire system is very complex as it models a multitude of locomotives in constant motion to move several thousand wagons for the rail network, subject to mechanical, climatic, and human contingencies.

The prestigious ARLOG award is granted biennially to projects that deepen and promote the development, innovation, and professionalization of logistics management. 
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