Imagine That Inc. acquired by ANDRITZ

ExtendSim Fortifies the ANDRITZ Digital Solution Portfolio

We're excited to announce that Imagine That Inc. ("ITI") has been acquired by international technology group ANDRITZ, a long-time ExtendSim® customer. As of February 1, 2023, ITI is now a subsidiary of ANDRITZ Inc., USA.

Joining the ANDRITZ team is a natural fit for ITI since we share a history as well as a passion for innovative technologies. The ITI team is now aligned with the ANDRITZ Group Automation and Digitalization team that develops, uses, and sells the IDEAS simulation software products, which have been using ExtendSim as the simulation engine for more than two decades.

What does this mean for you?

Imagine That Inc.As an ExtendSim user, you probably won’t notice a difference since the same ITI team is supporting, developing, marketing, and selling ExtendSim. As always, you’ll get the same outstanding support and training we're known for. ExtendSim will continue to be sold to all customers, with ethical walls in place to prevent any actual or perceived IP or confidentiality issues between ExtendSim customers and ANDRITZ.

ExtendSim customers will now also benefit from ANDRITZ GROUP’s vision, technology, resources, and consulting expertise as we work together developing the next generation of digital solutions and technology for autonomous operation.

AndritzTogether we will, undoubtedly, transform organizations around the world through simulation. For more details on the acquistion, please see the ANDRITZ press release. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Marketing team at or