Analysis RunTimeExtendSim Analysis RunTime is a cost-effective way to access ExtendSim functionality - perform experimentation, optimization, and analysis - without having to purchase the full model developer license. You, your colleagues, and your clients can use it to do any of the following:

  • Interactively run pre-built models, change settings, view the animation, explore the results, and save changes. (1)
  • Off-load time-intensive experiments, optimization, and analysis onto secondary computers. (1)
  • Remotely cause models to run on auxiliary computers and send data back and forth between computers and/or applications. (2)
  • Use it as a back-end application for a custom user interface that is also running on your computer (Use ExtendSim Cloud to run simulations over an intranet or the Internet) (2)

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  1.  Models must have been built in a Model Developer Edition of ExtendSim; ie. ExtendSim Pro, ExtendSim DE, or ExtendSim CP.
  2.  Running models remotely or using ExtendSim as a back-end application requires programming. ExtendSim includes the hooks to allow it to be controlled as an Automation (ActiveX/COM) server. The language you use to program, such as Visual Basic, can use ActiveX/COM to control ExtendSim.

Capabilities and Features of the Analysis RunTime

  • Run models built in ExtendSim Pro, ExtendSim DE, and ExtendSim CP.
  • Change settings in the models, save the changes, print, import data, export data, run Optimization, and run Scenario Analysis.
  • Add records and fields to existing ExtendSim databases or create new databases to manage and store results.
  • Call COM DLLs and use COM for control of/by other applications. This includes building and/or running models remotely using external programs to script model changes.
  • Reads custom libraries that have been converted into runtime format (.lbrrt), so they can't be used to build models.
  • Includes regular (.lbr) and runtime (.lbrrt) versions of all the libraries shipped with ExtendSim Pro.
  • Unlimited Event Cycles for Reliability Block Diagramming (RBD) using the Reliability module.
  • There are no limits to the size of the model, how many runs, how long the runs are, or how long you can use the license (this is not an expiring type of license).

Limitations of Analysis RunTime

  • Models must have been built in a Model Developer Edition of ExtendSim (Pro, DE, or CP).
  • Does not allow the manual building of models or blocks, nor can one manually change the configuration of the model.
  • Does not include example models or include files.
  • Running models remotely with the Analysis RunTime will require programming.
  • Model support comes from the model's developer.


Buy nowAnalysis RunTime Individual and Node-Locked licenses are available for download through the ExtendSim Store.

Request a quoteFloating licenses are available for the Analysis RunTime version of ExtendSim starting at $990 per concurrent user. Request a quote from the ExtendSim Team or your ExtendSim reseller based on your specific needs.

Request a quoteBundled packages consisting of Model Developer Editions of ExtendSim and Analysis RunTime licenses are available. Request a quote from the ExtendSim Team or your ExtendSim reseller. Let us know what you need and we can fit a package to accommodate your requirements.