Quality & Stability Enhancements in ExtendSim 10

We made a few tweaks in ExtendSim 10 that are important to maintain its quality and stability. Check here for the details.


From ExtendSim 10.0.1 to 10.0.2

Released on November 13, 2018


Resolved issues for cloned dialog items:

bulletgoldfixed ability to delete a clone

bulletgoldclones now default to visible and enabled when created

bulletgoldcorrected right-click context for Chart block clones

Added time-only date values to the Line Chart block.

Improved the performance of Sensitivity Analysis and when connecting multiple lines to a single connector.

Fixed potential crash if quickly clicking Enter after making dialog change.

Save command now works if a torn-off Notebook is the active window.

Improved ability to stop simulation run after getting certain error messages, plus removed Debugger button unless in debugging mode.

Added error message if trying to close a model while Hblock structure changes are being applied.

Corrected the saved state when using block substitution.

Improved the data table width calculation.

Fixed issues when creating/editing/debugging block structure: checking dialog item names for invalid characters, was crashing if positioning cursor in text box while getting compiler errors or if using copy/paste while using a resize tool in Dialog tab, fixed appending and deleting tabs in multi-tab dialogs and possible crash on close model after debugging.

Fixes to functions: GetDialogNames crashed if called on a non-block, EDCalendarDateGet wasn't working, IconGetView and IconGetViewName now work with Hblocks, UserPrompt returns 0 or 1, AnimationPixelRect default color is now white, repaired StringCase's upper/lower case issue, PlaceBlock was failing when called for a block from a protected library.


From ExtendSim 10.0.0 to 10.0.1

Released on October 23, 2018


Converting certain types of ExtendSim 9 models sometimes caused a crash.

Simulation Setup dialog now properly saves changes when clicking the "OK and Run" button.

If a model hasn't been saved, the first save is now the same as a "Save As".

Trying to open a model that was missing some blocks could sometimes cause a crash.

Improved Animation Text when opening ExtendSim 9 models.

Animation pixel rectangles now initialize to gray when ExtendSim 9 models are converted.

Removed the previous model's name from the File Open dialog when issuing an Open Model command.

New Features

PlotterSignalValueSet and PlotterSignalValueGet now support line thickness.

Clicking Alt+O in the Script tab of a block's structure now opens the Edit > Options > Script window to customize the script appearance